November 12, 2012

bad customer service

pissed off with the cashier at ikea last weekend.
was it mentioned anywhere that it was compulsory to put your items onto to the conveyor belt to be scanned?
i only wanted to buy one small alarm clock. so holding it should've been suffice, shouldn't it? since it wasn't heavy, and it was just one teeny tiny item pun.

well anyway, the stupid cashier didn't even stop to see who was buying what. lines were long, as usual. he simply scanned whatever item that rolled by on the conveyor belt. tup tup he was scanning items that belonged to the person behind me. apa lagi, free pass la mamat belakang i tu.
i was like, wtf? i ended up standing in line longer than neccessary because the person had more stuff in his trolley to scan. grrrr. when it was my turn, i angrily told off the cashier that next time could he please look carefully at which items belonged to which customer?? sorry to say i called him an 'F', i was so angry because his face remained blank like it never even registered what i was trying to tell him, i almost felt like throwing my shoe at his face. no apology, not even a sorry look on his face. geram ok. he should be fired. his name is Liang, btw. it was written on the receipt.

there seemed to be a ruckus at the row next to mine involving the cashier as well, but i wasn't really paying attention. i was too busy seething because the person behind me got a free pass. dia pun satu, didn't even bother stopping the cashier, cheerily saying to me 'excuse me' and pushing past to get to the front. pffft.

told Significant Other about it. he went to the cashier and demanded an apology from the stupid cashier. wasn't really sure if i did get that apology. but i remember the cashier making an excuse that i didn't put my item on the conveyor belt, hence i was ignored.

that's a lame excuse really. for example, if i wanted to buy only one item that was too big to be set onto the conveyor belt (and therefore had to be wheeled to the counter using a trolley), would it be safe to assume that you'd be ignoring me again the same way u did earlier merely because i had nothing to put on the stupid conveyor belt???

rude rude rude rude. and stupid.

btw, ikea standards have really gone down. there are still no chairs at their cafe downstairs (is that on purpose?), so people have to eat standing up like flamingos. their sauce dispenser is so not user-friendly, do you know how much energy one has to use to squeeze out the chilli sauce or ketchup onto their hotdogs? (you're lucky your hotdogs are super yummy). i even saw a bunch of kids filling up fizzy drinks into their own coke bottle, and not using those paper cups provided by ikea. huh. teruk ok. making a big mess at the soda machine. tsk.

the only thing i found interesting was their customer service counter. before if you wanted to apply for an ikea membership you'd have to go through customer service, dealing with real people. you'd have to fill up forms using pens and stuff. this time however, all you have to do is know how to use a computer. they replaced people with computer terminals, where you fill up your details and once submitted, you're given a temporary card for you to use until you get the actual one. cool huh?

oh let me tell you about another rude cashier i encountered, at Diva One Utama. i was looking to buy a couple of headbands for myself. so after finally settling for something i wanted, i went up to counter to pay. (note that what i wanted to purchase was tagged rm39). two ladies were at the counter, busy doing inventory or something - the counter was littered with trinkets and stuff. well anyway, after making payment and all, i realized that she charged me rm43 for the headbands instead of rm39 as written on the pricetag. so i told her about it, and you know what she said? she said, 'oh some of the items dah naik harga but they didn't have the time to readjust the price tags'. so what, that explanation makes it ok to overcharge me? that's total bullshit.

price difference
Significant Other says they can't charge more for an item that already had a pricetag (consumer rights or something like that) so apa lagi? i told her off la. oh kalau macam tu i pun can simply sell a rm50 item for rm500 and say oops, sorry, i simply had no time to change the pricetags, gitu? (all this while apa you dok buat kat kedai tu? sampai tak sempat nak reprice the items?). cashier's name listed in the receipt.

so with a meluat look on her face, she offered (in not such a nice tone of voice) to refund me the rm4. you know what she said? she said 'aku benci la bende macam ni' in a really loud voice and stormed into the storeroom. the nerve of that girl! when she came out again, she handed me the money, and said, 'dah, settle?'. more rudeness from her. again, no apology. like i was the one creating hell for her in the first place. wtf?

oh i took her photo. if you wanna be as grumpy as that then you're better off not being in retail. pfffft. she should be fired too.

the self-absorbed cashier
kalah orang PMS i nih. tsk tsk. i'm pregnant, so please excuse the short temper. heu~~~ ok sekian hate post from me. off to try and find better vibes for the soul. sigh....


juliet said...

know what just speak to their boss , or worst called the mall hr or management and make complain bout the store and provide the details; cashier name date time and on. the hr will warning their boss and that particular staff will be called. and will be warned bout it. ive used to be a salesgirl once, and thats how it works in there. hope it helps :)

Anonymous said...

I think msia shud hav more pregnant ladies so that these rude people really learn their lesson. Serious. Sbb kalo org xpregnant normally biar je such thing happen n lame2 rude people naik lemak.