April 3, 2012

pc doctor to the rescue

Tuesday 3/4:

i haven't been around blogging as often as i previously did ever since work assignments came pouring in. and ever since our team shrank from too many to too few, i've been getting panic attacks every now and then since i'm the newest one left - and a blur one at that @_@.

so... if you notice that updates are lesser than normal, then you'll know why. the other reason would be unstable hormones. LOL.

for the past 2 weeks my PC's cursor keeps disappearing on me and then the keyboard would become unresponsive which results in me force restarting the whole machine and then i've got to reopen all my applications again. and again. and again. doesn't help that every application in my virtual window will disappear, bukan senang nak reconnect satu satu.

the other problem is my network connection would start to get wonky, for no apparent reason. that results in my VPN being disconnected which is also equally annoying, because my putty and db connections will abort and i have to start from square one. i sent my PC to the Dr this morning and so far everything *touch wood* is ok. for now. even tried opening the Sims to push my luck. so far so good. i wonder if Connectify really was the culprit *shhhh! for the record, i didn't even know i had the application in the first place, but no guesses as to who put it there*.

Wednesday 4/4:

since it's that time of the month i painted my nails black just for kicks (which looks really fugly, btw. i never had the steadiness for art anyway) using the Elianto nail polish i bought last year, during the time they were promoting 1Malaysia ke ape ntah and were selling selected colors for cheap. Dayana wanted to color her nails too, so i let her wear a safe color - clear white. LOL. Dinara grabbed my hand and refused to let go - fascinated kot tengok tangan mami yg hitam buruks itu, hahahahahah.

anyway, here's a couple of things for sale.

hibiscus rose silk, length 4m chopped from a size 6 and professionally hemmed, asking $205.

dyed mint silk waves size 7, asking $175 (the one on the left). *SOLD*

bobbi brown creamy concealer rm60 *SOLD*

btw, so far, my PC is acting OK *touch everything wood*. no blue screens, no disappearing act, no 'default gateway not available'... but you never know.

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