April 30, 2012

Dayana's camera escapade

clockwise from top L: Elmo on tv, fork her sister threw on the floor, wires ntah kat mana dia jumpe, minnie mouse water bottle, bibik's room, blur 2-yo kid. haha

this is what happens when you leave your daughter with your iPhone. semua bende pun mau amik gambar, including her bewildered sister yang kene tambat kat high chair. hoho.

she's always finding ways to use my iPhone. the last time i allowed her to recklessly use my iPhone, i scolded her for finishing my free cash in Snoopy's Street Fair, and she understood me very well, because each time she begs for my iPhone (whenever her iPod habis battery) and when i say No she'll counter with this:

"Dayana tak main Snoopy, Dayana main Angry Bird je!"

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