September 23, 2011

swimming again

on the rare occasions that i get to goyang kaki at work, here's a super quik update!

remember my previous post on my super swimmer here?

well, we never got around to bring the kids to any other swimming outings after we got SR rented out and the house pool is currently converted into a fish aquarium. since Dad and Amal was around and Significant Other is currently on hiatus from flying skool, he took the family for an afternoon swim while i was at work.

as expected, the kids still don't like the water. sigh. maybe a beach holiday is in order.

some photos Uncle Amal took at the pool. seems like they did enjoy themselves somewhat. lol. see how big Dinara is now compared to then. hehe.

Daddy bought them a set of beach toys

Dayana seems more eksaited playing WITH water than playing IN it

she fits the float nicely now! *luv luv*

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