August 19, 2011

tira misses u

yesterday my sister mimpi siang nak makan tiramisu. i planned to make Nina's premix cookies but rupa2nya my sister potong line dulu, haha. tiramisu didn't require baking, i didn't know that =P summore Aya already knew what ingredients we needed to get (i forgot to check what i needed for the cookies), so ok lah, tiramisu pun jadilah.

took me quite awhile to get the ingredients ok. penat i pusing satu Carrefour cariek.

- 500g italian mascarpone cheese <- i finally found this at the cheese / butter section - 100g icing sugar <- i had to call my friends to find out what icing sugar was, hahaha. i only tau gula kasar jerk =P~
- 5 eggs <- mom's eggs sudah lama, suruh beli yg baru hahahahah
- 1 pack of pavesini biscuits (recipe used 59 pavesini) <- paling saiko nak dicari. they didn't even carry sponge cake, an alternative for ladyfingers. i wanted to substitute them with biskut keras, but luckily my friend stopped me. i seriously didn't understand how the biscuits related to the cake until i actually made it. in the end i ended up buying this at Cold Storage. seb baik jumpe.
- 200ml strong expresso <- pffft, espresso mahai. i beli nescafe jerk. hoho.
- cocoa powder for dusting <- we used my mom's Van Houten cocoa powder to dust the top of the cake
- dark chocolate shavings <- listed in the recipe, but we decided to forgo it

(recipe to come later, Aya nak link!!!)

we didn't use up to 59 ladyfingers, since the dish we used was small (buat banyak2 takut takde orang makan nanti, and i'm no coffee lover). comots habis. and we managed to dust not only the top of the cake, but the top of my mom's dinner table and the tudung saji as well *kggal*

we officiated the cake the next day during buka puasa. turned out to be quite good actually, although it ain't look nuts like the ones you buy in stores, haha. the bottom part of the cake was abit soggy because Aya oversoaked the biscuits for the bottom layer T_T. but still yummy and edible =D.

Aya's masterpiece! i jadi tukang gelak wahahahahah

want a slice? =D~

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