August 18, 2011

my kids are almost 1/3

things have been rather depressing lately, which is why i haven't been blogging as often as i should.
gomenasai T_T.

anyway, here's abit of updates on the kids. both Ds will have their birthdays coming up soon, my how time flies eh?


- can already scoot her tush into a sitting position. crawling pun dah proper now except when she's in a rush she would still slink away.
- has started to pull herself up and hang on for dear life onto furniture: hanging onto chairs, tables, boxes, our legs =P
- especially loves making a beeline for the stairs, although has not graduated beyond climbing up one step
- can clap her hands now. one time Ashu was reading the Quran, she applauded Ashu lol
- can give you high ten depending on her mood
- easiest way to keep her occupied is to hand her a bag and stuff a bunch of things inside it. she loves taking things out one by one and making a mess. the other day while Daddy was busy packing, she was busy helping him 'unpack'... T_T
- she still loves eating. sudah makan pun still boleh tumpang mintak lagi haha. janji boleh telan. she still hasn't sprouted teeth yet! (jimat toothpaste)
- still my most happiest wrappee =D
- orang ingat ni anak cina nih, mata sepet semacam lol
- i leave her for just 6 days and already has forgotten about the boobies, aiya. how lar like that??? T_T


- most of her babbling doesn't make sense, especially when she's eksaited
- has dubbed herself as Princess Dayana, her sister as Cinderella. bila Atuk panggil Princess Dinara, dia marah
- still grabs everything from her little sister's hands, exercising kuasa veto as 'bigger' sister.
- the older she gets, the more nakal she becomes it seems @_@ tak makan saman already!
- has now started referring to Rusty as 'Wati' (as opposed to Nasty earlier)
- not only can she dengki with her little sister, with Rusty pun mau dengki. Rusty nak duduk ngan Tok Ami, dia pun sibuk2 pi clamber into Tok Ami's wrap before Rusty does. sib baik Rusty ni understanding housecat hehe
- how the heck do i separate her from her Wii??
- tukang menyemak rumah yang berjaya
- loves going through the pics and vidoes taken via iPhone
- says that 'adik sayang kakak!' but when asked whether 'kakak sayang adik' tak? she'll avoid the subject altogether. chis.
- she'll dictate who sleeps where every night. 'daina tido sini, tok ami tido sini, adik tido sana!' (sambil pointing situ sini)
- has mastered the usage of 'nononononono'. makan? no. mandi? no. kasi adik boro? noooo. can Tok Ami watch tv? no! sigh. why is it that kids will always master this word first over 'yes'?
- for some reason whenever we want to tie her hair, she'll say "nononono, nanti Daina muntah". dia cakap if we play with her hair she'll end up vomitting. where she came up with this idea is anyone's guess O_o.

hmm what else? i've really lost track already, lol. i barely even noticed that 18 days of Ramadan has passed. i'm soo not ready for Raya, lol.

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