August 20, 2010

Unifi service sucks

yesterday i officially blew up at TM Unifi on the phone. wanna know why?

- march: received invitation from Unifi for a free trial version of the service. a technician came over to survey the infrastructure, informed us that they would revert back for further instructions. they never did.

- end may: after waiting like nobody's business, decided to put in an order anyway to upgrade to Unifi. told me the free trial version offer had already expired, we would need to subscribe to the service. so fine, put in an order for VIP20.

- Unifi technicians did an evaluation on the house + area, mentioned that the underground cabling in my area tersumbat (whatever that means) and that they needed to address the issue first before being able to come back to us for installation. called them up occasionally to enquire on updates but the answer was always the same: technicians were still looking into it, but were unavailable to comment on the actual cause at that point of time.

- end June: after no news from them (as usual), called them up to ask about the status, they said they were currently upgrading Unifi services so was unable to check for updates, so i'm like, fine, when you're done, give me a call to update, ok? (they never did)

- July: world cup season came and went. still no update from them. grrr

- end July: called Unifi to enquire about the status, out of the blue they said we could set an appointment for a whole-day installation at the house (but when i asked them about the underground cabling status and why it took so long for them to settle the issue, they never gave me a conclusive answer as if they were purposely avoiding the subject). so fine, we fixed an installation slot for august 7th. at this time i was so irritated by the long wait i told them i wanted to subscribe to their VIP10 instead. thought everything would be smooth sailing after this - yeah, rite.

- august 7th: technicians came, spent a whole day at the house, end up nothing was done, due to what you know ----> due to the technicians not having the necessary equipment to complete the installation *#&(*@&#^$&*. and the funny part was, they came thinking that we already had a trial version of Unifi installed and thought they only needed to do tweaking. wth? WTH??? they told Significant Other they would get back to us within a week to follow-up.

- 2 weeks later, still no news. so yesterday i called them up again and practically blew up at Unifi through the phone for their pathetic service. i mean can you believe putting in an official order in May (technically the whole problem started in March) and until now no results have been achieved!? i put in a upgrade for Astro Beyond the same time i called Unifi and at least that one was succsessfully installed before the World Cup started. it seems that Unifi doesn't bother acquiring new customers pun. TSK!

after blowing up at the lady on the phone did i recieve a phone call not long after that from the technician requesting to set an appointment to continue the installation. see how 'efficient' these people are? it's like i have to practically BEG them to come and install Unifi at my house. benciiiiiiiiiiii. and itupun even though i've set the appointment for next weekend (another whole-day installation, another day due to be wasted?) i have no confidence that everything will be settled by then. mark my words la. ade je alasan they'll give for not wanting to do their job properly. another day wasted at home waiting for them to complete their job. you cannot imagine the expenses i had to incur (phone-bill wise), wasting my time (you can go crazy listening to their stupid theme song while being put on hold for dunno how many times while they check with this/that department).

it's not that i want to be mad at them, but it's their fault for pissing off a pregnant lady in the first place.


TM Unifi, i hope your service is worth it. i mean, REALLY worth it.


Ariana said...

aiyooo susahnye?!! for us .. today we decided to get unifi.., tomorro (dh cuti) all done :D

Ita Shadila said...

wah, lamanya to get it done.. sangat menyakitkan hati

E`n1x said...

elly: seriously? tak fair nye! apsal kitorang telah didiskriminasikan? =( =( =( =( =(

ita: you can't imagine, huhuhu. i got no idea why it's taking that long T_T

Maneesa said...

wow..tgk the billboard and all the mojo of how good the and operation doesn't go well.
marketing the product tapi x bole nk cope.

I would go ballistic too if i were u.

Twiggy said...

yeah mann!!! never piss off a pregnant lady, that's asking for major volcanic outbursts :D