August 24, 2010

my hospital checklist

no contractions, nothing. just the occasional push on the bladder that makes me want to frequently visit the toilet on an half-hourly basis, lol.

stiletos sudah beranak. ntah2 the mamas i chatted with in the DA forums pun sudah beranak (the thread itu suddenly sunyi sepi... lol). so now i'm waiting for my turn - 13 days to go. in 2008 13 days before my due date i'd have already delivered Dayana. i guess this one wants to stay in the oven a bit longer. i guess i can happily say that this one will be another Virgo, yay!

right after attending the antenatal class at DEMC last month, i decided to start packing my hospital bag - but i think my plan terbengkalai half way, incompleted - i didn't want to bring too many things to the hospital, half of which might deem useless like last time, hoho. besides, since we live nearby i could always ask Significant Other to fetch anything i terforgot to bring. some of the minor stuff - toiletries mostly - i haven't packed yet. and i was thinking whether i need to bring along my breastpump too. i didn't want to bring too many bags either.

but the problem of packing early is, i already forgotten what i stuffed into my bag. and i'm the type that really stuffs everything in - if i choose to unpack the bag, chances are i'll never get the stuff to fit back in again, lol.

anyway, here's my new hospital bag checklist. i realized i never made one last time, so here's my new list for reference:

1.My stuff:
Toiletry bag <- to stuff *necessities in
Undies - 3
Socks - 1
Nursing cover - 1
Cloth pads - 3
Disposable pads - 6
Nursing bras - 2
Bedroom slippers -
Plastic bag for dirty clothes -
Going home outfit - brown pants & blue nursing top
Bath towel - 1 <- just in case they still don't provide towels, even with the upgrade, i still think they don't
Black nightgown - to pack
Nursing tops - 2
Kain batik - 2

*my toiletries:
shower cream,
tootbrush + toothpaste,
facial wash,
face powder,
lip balm,
phones & cable / charger

2. For Baby:
Baju to wear home + hat
Receiving blankie
Cloth wipes / towel (just in case)
*previously everything was provided by the hospital until the moment you get discharged from the hospital

3.Medela breastpump <- just in case

that's it. for now. hehe. i'm craving Carl's Jr's classic burger right now. i prefer CJ over BK any day =D. had it at the Pavilion last weekend, and now i can't get it out of my system... arrgghhh


ZOORA said...

you'll pop anytime beb!!!! good luck, hope semua mudah ok!! take care.. insyallah.. wont exceed EDD kot

Ummi to Hamzah said...

Suspensenye!! All d best lilly,insyaAllah u'll b fine :)

E`n1x said...

have i mentioned that i am so glad i posted this list for my reference? 10 minutes before leaving for the hospital i actually consulted this list to pack my toiletries while tending to come-n-go contractions? LOL