March 20, 2018

beard brothers bbq

Lina told me about this place before, it didn't really register into my brain until recently when we were looking for a place to bring Dad for dinner before he goes back to the UK. we'd usually go to Menate, but this time thought we'd try something new. Dad was all in for it, can't say no to meat, especially when you don't get much choice in the UK (according to him, takde geng makan kat sana lol).

i rememebered i had wanted to go to Beard Brothers BBQ before, but they were closed that day, so we ended up going somewhere else =(. this time, they were open! although we did arrive abit late. Lina did say to go early before everything sells out. see below.

opening hours

notice in their Opening Hours they mention they will open until they 'sell out'. i suggest that you go early if you intend to eat here, because when i arrived about 8.30ish, some stuff in the big platter menu were already sold out (though i forgot what). we ordered two platters to share between us because everyone was starving.

the menu

they have huge smokers at the back of their store (complete with piles of wood), where they barbeque all the meat. apparently they prepare their meat for more than 13+hours in order to get the meat to be tender and juicy, hence once they're sold out, you're gonna have to come back the next day for more. only the beef ribs is sold by weight, they'll let you choose which part you want before they weigh it and charge you accordingly.

they serve bottomless drinks if you order one of their platters, and they provide you with wooden utensils, all self service. the meat is so tender that you won't need to worry about your wooden utensils breaking hahahahhaha.

sedap you. you really should give it a try. i would say once you've taken a taste, you'll be happy for at least a month. haha. even Dad says enjoyed it very much. he also thought about all the calories and cholesterol he's gained ever since he arrived in KL, haha.

we ordered one of the big platters
makan-makan w the fam bam
balik UK nnt Dad will diet, he says

we had arrived 'late' that by the time we finished with our meal, the store was already on the verge of closing and they were just waiting for us to leave. hahahah. whoops sorry =P~.

kedai nak tutup already

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