March 31, 2017

cerita Emma and Sophia


i tell you this girl absorbs words from her sisters like a sponge.

where are you?
 - lol this is new. i heard her awake in her crib one morning and purposely didn't go in to greet her. she then started calling out, "mamiiiiii??? where are you?" LOL LOL

ah happen?
- as in what happened? if the youtube channel suddenly stopped working, or something out of the ordinary happens.

- with the palms up expression and everything. then pretend to look for that something. yo-yo je.

- requests this every single time, many many times sampai Mommy pun tak larat nak hug. hahaha.

- recently she's calling her Trolls Papi, irregardless of whether it's Branch, DJ Suki or Guy Diamond.

- what she calls them Yellow minions. haha. her grandma pun dia panggil Nana =D

- happy birthday to you =P

Pia has this morning mantra that she would go through every morning before i drop her off at school. without fail she will utter these few questions despite already knowing the answer:

1. what time is it?
2. where are you going?
3. hi-5!
4. cut my nails?


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