November 3, 2015

Emma turns 6 months

my Emma finally turns 6 months today! she was up early today because Daddy had to prepare for a 7am flight this morning.

and yes, as what i did with the other older three, i gave her her first taste of solids - rice cereal + breastmilk. i've forgotten which fruits/veggies are suitable to be given to her at her current age; must make a point to look it up later. forced the little one to eat this morning before mommy goes off to work just because Mommy wanted to take photos. struggle tu. haha.

this is her muka inesen duduk dalam bumbo seat =D. that seat has been in service for all my kids, it's practically the same age as Dayana, haha. its state has deteriorated much, but still usable. janji Emma doesn't bite the bumbo seat, sudah. bibik used to stick colorful stickers on the seat as a distraction for Dayana, i think in between the Dinara-Sophia era either one of them managed to peel them off. i dunno where the detachable tray is though. that one was rarely used to begin with.

eksaited pulak minah ni makan.but then again from the way she's putting everything in her mouth (including my ipad), and even trying to grab my peanut butter sandwich at one occassion T__T aaaaand from the way she voluntarily opens her mouth, i guess you could say she's ready to be stuffed with food, lol.

lol tengok kakak Sophia so considerate in accommodating her little sister. most of the time, that is. other times she's busy stealing Emma's toys because they seem much more interesting than her own -_____-

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