March 17, 2015

words from their mouth

told the kids we were gonna go to Pizza Hut for lunch, so what flavor pizza would they like to order?

Dayana: "i want to order pepper ****** with the red chicken".
(she didn't know how to pronounce pepperoni)

Dinara: "i want the Purple pizza".

err okay. so which cartoon on youtube has been teaching her that purple pizzas exist??!


there's was this time i asked Dayana what her ambitions were. do you remember back in school (be it primary or secondary), your teacher will ask you to complete your student book (Maklumat Diri Pelajar or something like that) and there's a section where you had to fill in three different ambitions that you would like to pursue when you grow up?

back then it was always: doctor, lawyer, teacher. nothing was more awesome-sounding than those three ambitions (at the time where got such thing as technologist? haha).

anyway, since Dayana would have to fill up that section in her book sooner or later, i casually asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

she tells me, "i want to be a BAKER when i grow up! so that i can cook you delicious food and serve you breakfast in bed!".

ooops. i wonder where she got that idea from, haha.

she thought summore, and told me her second ambition was to be a policeman.
i told her to choose another (safer) ambition.

she thought summore, then finally settled on being a teacher. i asked her if she wanted to become a pilot like Daddy, she said she did not. she's afraid of Daddy's simulator, so that option's a clear cut no-no, lol.

she didn't know what her third ambition was to be, so i asked her whether she wanted to become an engineer like her Uncle Amal. 'you know, the person that builds buildings and stuff'. she agreed, and even went to the extent of saying that she wants to build a big house for us later when she's able to. pun boleh lah. haha.

updated: she changed her mind about becoming an engineer, she wants to become a doctor instead. when i asked her why, she told me, "i have to sleep on the floor and there's no place to go toilet!". i was blur at first, until i realized she assumed that she'd be building a house from scratch so there'd be no bedroom or toilet and therefore she'd have to build a toilet first, hahahaha.

she loves swimming so much now she's become 10 shades darker than her original skin color X_X. and so far nobody has failed to notice this. haih. swim during midday when the sun is right on top of your head pun takpe. "i'll wear sunblock", she'll say. T__T. orang lain pulun nak qu puteh qu puteh. HAHA.


Sophia's able to pronounce the word 'daddy' now. or more like 'dediiiiiii'. she says it whenever she sees Daddy, she says it in my face, she says it each time her Sesame Street episode has ended and wants someone to press Play for a new episode, she says it just because she enjoys saying it, you name it.
the Daddy was proud too, until i noticed that she started to overuse the word, which got me to wondering whether she actually knew what 'dedi' really referred to.

the Daddy was not amused. HAHA.

the closest word to 'Mommy' that she could pronounce was 'memey'. ahhhh whatevs. memey pun memey laaaa. there was this one night, she was yelling 'memeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!' while barging into our bedroom, i was such a happy camper.

but unfortunately for me she rarely says memey, even after jabbing a thumb to my chest and commanding her to say it.

"mamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" i tell her. she completely ignores me. sigh.

she's the only child that happens to like to play with Mister Potato, lol. she particularly enjoys pulling the body parts out and randomly fixing them back on. she finds it fascinating.

now this little one ada harapan nak jadi pilot. HAHA.

note the eerie stare haha.

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