March 8, 2013

soho abandoned

i thought pushing management to get my defects done was a tedious task.
to actually get a contractor to commit to renovation is another not-so-easy task.
grrr grrr grrr grrr if i was 8months+ pregnant, i'd have delivered in my unit out of sheer frustration already.

things to be done:

in the bathroom:
- install water heater
- install bathroom mirror
- install towel hanger
- install toiletries stand
- replace bathroom light

in the kitchen:
- add another light point
- install cabinet lights * 3

in the main hall:
- install washing machine
- install fan with 3 feet extender
- replace living room lights (to be bought)
- add 4 light points ----- (recycle original bedroom n living room lights)
- add 4 power points

- install ceiling light
- install doorbell

- add 2 power points
- replace bedroom lights with LED - confirm dimmer (to be bought)
- install tv

curtains - measurements

doorgrill - 2 weeks' time

macam tak banyak je... now if only the contractor can move their butts and complete all this in speedy time...

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