December 12, 2012

the good vs the bad

people love to post stories of themselves on FB, don't they?
about oh i don't know, how 'happier' their lives seem to be compared to everyone else, or about how 'successful' they project themselves to be promoting some business product.

sometimes when people do that they seem to be:
- genuinely wanting to share (which i like);
- showing off just to make people envious; or
- trying too hard, it's just sad.

just saying. which is why you should think twice about allowing your FB account to be visible to outsiders.

some people are sincere in sharing their life story with others, i'm not against that, sharing is caring, right? but there's a difference between those two types of people: the sincere ones, and those who share and diss at the same time. so you slimmed down, wow, does that mean you get a free ticket to diss-land?

in my opinion, if you boast to people that you are a good person or a good leader, yet you speak ill of others about how they don't seem to be up to your level, it kinda cancels out all the good deeds you've done so far.

also, just because you dress all modest you think that makes you a saint, and those who does otherwise isn't? i mean i'm happy that you found your groove when you did. but that doesn't mean you've been granted allowance to pass judgement to others who aren't like you. especially those people who talk big i.e riak.

people who are humble with the good fortune that has been bestowed upon them, always leading others to the right path, never passing judgment easily, now those are the kind of people you should look up to.

Facebook shouldn't be a place to convince people how happy you are, you're only trying too hard to convince your own self.

i'm happy to spend less time immersing myself in group chats and spending more time pondering about the things that are right in front of me. things that seemed to be important then seem so shallow now. i spend less time keeping up with trends, and spend more quality time with those who matters. true, life is still a bumpy road. but if you're life is made out to be too perfect, then i'd think that it's a perfect lie.

the past week i've been feeling like i wanna 'make' something. Significant Other would pfffft because i'm still a lousy cook =P (he's expecting Malay style, which to me is soOOoOo complicated because their biggest ingredient would be 'secukup rasa') but one could learn, right? my accomplishment so far was to make my own tuna sandwich (the rye bread i bought was delish), mashed potatoes which tasted abit weird (the sauce i cheated and bought McCormick's chicken gravy, does anyone know how to make it from scratch?) and macaroni and cheese i copied from elly (which the kids liked), i have yet to make something to completely bowl over the one person who mattered. hmmmm. i've been baking a whole lot of potatoes for him. any nice potato recipes to share?

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Ariana said...

trudat... groups time consuming... quit-ed... and got more sleep and peace of mind