March 9, 2011

doc in the house

i didn't know this book was launched in MidValley yesterday!!! T_T

i'm not a die-hard fan or whatever, but i like his vision. he's humble and wise! well, that's my opinion anyway. it's amazing how well he's faring at his age. my granddad and grandma's memories are slowly fading away, they can barely recognize people these days :(

so... has anyone gotten the book? LOL. i know a great friend of mine is a big fan of Dr. M. i actually knew about it watching the midnight news this morning. punye ketinggalan zaman. there's also this My First Home Scheme for those interested to purchase a home but can't afford the downpayment. terms and conditions applies.

wawasan 2020 is much more catchier than 1Mal*ays*a in my book anyday, hehe.

the two other books that i'm tempted to read are:
- Making More Milk by Diana West and Lisa Marasco
- The Skin Type Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Your Best Skin Ever by Leslie S. Baumann


i remember i was driving in Penang when i got stuck behind a bus at a traffic light. there was this 1Mal*ys*a advert/banner printed on the back of the bus, which depicted the PM among a bunch of schoolkids, if i'm not mistaken.
the funny part was, the all people surrounding him seemed to look like Malays. what happen to the rest...? lol.

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