November 11, 2010

up at 1am

yep, me here. still awake. since i'm up this late i might as well go eat dinner for a second round before my stomache begins to fill up with gas.

i'm due to pump too. yes pumping is now part of my life, as with the freestyle which i have absolutely no regrets in getting (wish i had bought a backup when i was in Houston, darn cheap compared to here). going dual is the way to go especially if you're short of time to empty out both boobs (i have absolutely no patience whatsoever to spend 15 minutes on each side #_#). to save time, i pump while driving too. haha. my workplace has its own nursing room, complete with its own LLC councellor, how good is that?

i get no pleasure whatsoever in washing and tonyoh-ing bottles and teats every day though.

and no thanks to that somebody, i am now craving brick blue. can't help it, i'm a sucker for blue. lol.

i haven't been updating as often as i should. have alot of things to think about and currently all my posts are residing in my drafts folder. will publish each and every one of them when i get the time to sort out my photos as well. i consider posts without photos boring, kekeke.

i had this weird dream the other night about a good friend of mine, R3 who kinda disappeared off the face of the earth years ago. the dream felt kinda forlorn, i wasn't sure why and what it was all about (dreams do that to you, don't they, always leaving you hanging), it was enough to want me to send an sms to ask if everything was alright. too bad i seem to have misplaced R3's number, cheh.

thank God Dinara sleeps fairly through the night. i get my headaches with the elder one. the first night i started work, she miraculously slept early at 8pm but woke up at 3am screaming in my ear for her Sesame Street and didn't go back to sleep til past 6. grrrr.

oklah. off to pump. gotta rewire my brain to work-mode and reset my body alarm clock again. hehe.

p/s. weird how i come back 2 months later to find the parking lot half empty at 9am. is everyone still on Deepavali break, or did everyone upgrade to bigger cars while i was away? hoho.

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