October 4, 2010

my new techie

so everybody's all hyped up over i4, while i'm currently not giving a damn about it yet because my 3gs is barely 2 months old, lol. am warming up to the touchscreen feature, although not quite! love how i get to check my mail whenever wherever without having to fight with Dayana over the PC (her daily dose of Sesame Street haha) but then again, i haven't started paying my own bills yet, woh~.

anyway, just wanted to write abit about the gadget that's supposed to inspire me to blog more often than not =P. i never thought i'd own one of these beauties O_O. it's not as high-spec as Significant Other wanted it to be (higher spec = more $$) but so far i heart heart heart! i was more concerned about the size if anything, just as long as i get to crap whatever and keep all my photos intact, i'd be a happy camper. and so i am =). too bad RC and CS takes awhile to load on it =P~~~~~

to that someone, thanks vey much! *hugs* [and now me is anxiously waiting for the tab, hoho]

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