December 24, 2009

gradation lust

ok so i should be done with after finally getting my hands on one, no?
but anyway just thought i might post these two here, i really love the color grads on it, made especially by Dragonfly Beginnings. and it doesn't help that i'd like to try the two materials one day. lol. i've only tried cotton and linen before.

db zinnober with wool, dyed in my fav colors!

db natty linen, a lovely shade of roseberry

i heart this too! but it's a little bit on the purple side

and the other two below are just eye candy =D i love the colors!

blue-green gradation on Lago indio, i don't seem to have a carrier in this shade

natty cashmere, see how attracted to purple i am? despite hating the color? lol

p/s. pleats have arrived =D

1 comment:

Nadia said...

hey where were u when i was in malaysia? i would have loved to see your lovely gradations and your wraps ;)