April 11, 2008

the 18th week

in my 18th week now. went for another visit to the Gynae yesterday. Baby's getting bigger now. baby bump is also more visible now. saw its outline and heartbeat through the scan. cute! still unable to determine the gender of Baby, much to Significant Other's disappointment =P. suddenly feeling psyched and can't wait for the arrival of Baby. Giffy is excited too. lol. bought a book entitled 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' by Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg and Sandee Hathaway.

late in the evening stopped by Significant Other's office as he had some claims to settle, was merely there to keep him company. the next day was his department's Away Day so he gets a day off from work on Friday, which is so unfair 'cause i'm not following him and i have to work that day =(. anyway, met a longtime childhood friend of mine there. i think the last time i met her was in 1994 (so that's like wayyy long, right?). we used to stay in the same neighborhood and took tuition together. she looked just the same as ever to me =D my God, it was like 10.30pm on a Thursday night and she told me she had a meeting with a colleague. crazy.

so here i am today sitting in the office with mild back pains feeling bored. PC Fair started today so there are people swarming in big crowds to the Convention Centre. i dislike big crowds. but each time i get dragged by Significant Other to the fair without fail and end up buying rubbish. haha. later going to meet up with a friend regarding insurance. sigh. i wish i was going to the Celine Dion concert instead =D

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