March 2, 2011

yesterday tweetified

yeah. so sue me. i told myself i wouldn't. yet i did. why? no thanks to Didy. haha. see photo below. now tell me that's not pretty.

rose silk indio 30%!!!

lovely. lovely. lovely. but they were sold out the minute they were released. wth??? i wonder what Didy was thinking about when they released it in limited quantities. don't they know that women love PINK???? and so me and my friend are stalking the world to see if there are still a couple more to spare. sniff.

anyway, as of yet, i am still a twitter-noob. i dun even know how to twit, and the apps for iPhone is equally annoying. so for now i am trying to figure out how to follow people's twits (whatever that means). haha.

oh since my chickens balik kampung this week (to Terengganu of all places, i miss my grandma!!!) another chicken dropped by today to temporarily fill the void. fastest postal service ever for Poslaju. tak sampai 24 hours even :). usually they're very unpredictable and you can't always rely on the 'dijamin sampai esok tagline' thingy. haha.

i got my mail from sampan country last week. my mom brought it over last Saturday when they came over to babysit. woohoo. it's kind of infamous that mail from sampan country takes ages to arrive, especially if it's sent via surface. heck, my December wrap hasn't even arrived yet, and it's already been 2 months -.- (i'm giving it 3 months before i officially declare the sampan tenggelam).

well, this one, i paid quite a hefty price to ship this one out. and even then i think pp ate some of it. tsk. but look at the little extras the mama threw in. that was really nice.

little trinkets from sampan country

come to think of it, all my 50% are from sampan country. ahahahhahaha.
but this time i'm diverting yew before it reaches here, with the hopes that it would arrive faster. i'm tired of the long wait. long wait will lead to increased curiosity which will then lead to impulse actions which will then result in pp tree dying. hohohoho.

i seem to have wraps on my brain alot these days. i wonder why. seems like my blog is turning into a wrap blog. if i were reading my own blog, i'd think, bosannye. kakakaka. i still got alot to update, especially about the kiddos. be prepared to see a couple of outdated posts popping up on my blog occasionally from now on. hehe.

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