March 16, 2011

hurray for iso-answering mamas

hurray for iso-answering mamas!

sometimes it's worth it to call dibs. you never know when they actually do contact you out of the blue when you think that it's impossible for them to let go any time soon (this doesn't successfully apply to hoarders though, haha).

dibs = please think of me if you ever decide to sell!

to me dibs is also a form of compliment. and some mamas keep track of dibs seriously. so please, use this word wisely. it wouldn't do to dibs everything in sight only not to follow through in the end (minus technical difficulties, that is).

Mr. P was an answered dibs. i placed dibs on two Mr. Ps at the time, but i didn't think they'd offer it so soon.

three other wraps were also obtained through isos, you can't help but love these mamas. you're happy to wwm if you like =P

* fishy-fishy and flowers! lol *

sometimes i don't like it when you get PMs stating, i have so-and-so, please name your price -.- especially when you know you're only able to get it if you're willing to pay 3 times retail. sigh. this has happened with rose. i think they're using it as a bargaining chip to get what they want, but i wonder if that's working, coz i see there's a sudden influx of roses for sale? i dunno.

will i ever be stashified? not if you have enabling friends. haha.

Dinara is starting to blow raspberries at you. if you start to talk to her, she'll go 'pffffffffftttttttttt'.

i was folding up Lampone when Dayana came over to me and sed 'nak carry'. woohoo. boy, she's heavy @_@. made a quick trip down the stairs and up again. speaking of heavy, i can actually feel the weight of Dinara if i carry her with my bare arms, berattttt! soo.. hurray for babywearing :D.

i'm going to Jerantut this weekend, my cousin is getting married. so i'm not purposely missing this weekend's gathering!!! sniff

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