March 9, 2011

indian is england

me: where's Ashu?
Dayana: Ashu go to study, in India

me: where's Uncle Amal?
Dayana: Uncle Amal go to study, in Indian.

indian = england.


Dayana's current obsession is to stack things. and arrange things. her current favorite victims are her magnetized alphabets, ELC blocks, and the recent Duplo we just bought her.

her books that Uncle Alif bought all in a row

her kitchen set all susun neatly on the floor

one irritating thing that i don't like: she seems to be a bit of a perfectionist. she gets irritated if things doesn't go her way. and in turn, i'll get irritated as well. there was one time we were about to go out and for the first time she refused to follow us until she got her stacking completed the way she wanted it to be @_@.

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