March 15, 2011

my little grabber

Daddy took some lovely photos of Dinara yesterday.

i gave Dinara Pumpkin + Sweet Corn last weekend. she didn't really love it, but she eventually finished the whole jar. hahaha. like Dayana, she doesn't like to drink water either. she adores her Rusks.

she loves to grab anything her little grubby hands can reach. and she has quite a grip, beware. last weekend she almost tried to strangle Aunty Marina by grabbing hold of her shiny necklace, lol. she especially likes to grab hold of my face when i'm wearing her, and she'd dig her nails into my skin, which hurts! grrr. she annoys her elder sister each time she tries to grab Dayana's Chewy. Dayana would then yank her blankie away and say 'no adik! this is mine!'.

kah kah. Dayana only shares certain things with her little sister, but her Chewy isn't one of them.
and apparently she bullies her little sister sometimes when our backs are turned, haih.

spent last weekend (read: Sunday) at home, much to my dad's surprise. lol. CNN was on most of the time (thank God my friends in Japan are alright), while Beauty & the Beast was played on repeat mode practically the whole day in the living room (i tried to get Dayana to watch Monster's Inc., but she insisted on pwincess, even Disney Channel sudah takmo tengok, aiyaa). i'm already sick of this Princess, i think i need to download Cinderella for her to watch, haha.

yesterday we went to Tesco, food supplies was running low, and i don't think i can handle shopping for myself so i brought Kakak and the kids along. we test-ran Liz's goldfishies. i don't really like how it pictures in photographs, but i love how it looks irl. thanks Liz! but a size 5 is still too lengthy for me!

praying my wrappee doesn't outgrow the wrapping phase anytime soon. else i gotta iso a new squishy haha.

our Tesco stroller haha


szarihan said...

I so jeles u tried the GF ;P

E`n1x said...

tt with Liz :D. i think GF is so much nicer to wrap with than DSF though. but i dunno la if that will change once Dinara grows heavier -.-