March 14, 2011

sneaky sneaky

if you want to lie, at least try to cover up your tracks, will you?

hi, let me tell you a story about a kerek somebody who thought she could get away with her tall tale.
apparently not, because i found out so... i'm able to tell you the tale. haha.

ok so Twisties decided she wanted to buy something from Campster. she asked if she could ship to a friend because Campster didn't do long distance shipping, and Campster agreed. so fine. payment details sent and all.
few hours later, Campster mailed Twisties, saying that she needs to cancel the transaction, as her friend has just gone into labor and wants to gift the item to her friend instead. so ok la, Twisties didn't end up buying the item, and simply requested for dibs.
[note that the item was not readily available, so at the time the only person who was selling it (according to Twisties resarch) was Campster]
few days later, an enthusiastic mama called Ribena started chirping about a recent purchase of hers. intrigued, Twisties realized that it was an item of the very same nature that she initially wanted to buy from Campster. and so she casually mailed Ribena asking who she bought it from.
and you know what she replied? who else? Campster.
you can guess what Twisties felt after that.
Twisties mailed Campster right afterwards 'casually' asking about her labor-friend and whether she liked the gift.
no reply until now.

kot ye pun, couldn't she have come up with a more better excuse? the excuse of not being able to do international shipping would rub off wayyy better than lying about a friend going through labor.


Significant Other said that Campster had a right to cancel the transaction because no monetary form was paid to seal the contract. however if money was already paid (be it only $1 dollar) and received by the seller, if in any circumstances that the seller decided to back out, the buyer has a right to sue. well, that's according to Significant Other lah. any lawyers out there to confirm this?


(to that particular someone, please do not sue me. eeek :P)

imo, this wouldn't be a bad deal if lying hadn't been involved. tsk tsk.

kesimpulan? if you wish to lie, please do it skilfully and stealthily. and make sure your tracks are fully covered :P

better yet, stay away from all these evil wrongdoings!

p/s. i also find it distasteful that some people jack up prices with the intention of donating for a good cause. not that i'm criticizing their good deeds, but sometimes i think i think they do it because they know there's a high demand for it and there are people who are willing to sell their arm for it (gory scene from 127 hours is filling my head now -.-). i think there are other ways to raise money instead of making money out of people's wants and desires. and let's hope that they actually do donate the proceeds to the respective bodies!

arrrgh, curse you-know-who for producing such lovelies in limited quantities! :P

ok emo sekejap. lol. please abaikan myself today. it's raining outside and i'm freezing, and my brain doesn't seem to be functioning properly today.

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