October 10, 2016

the barfing session begins

i am literally sleep deprived.

first, it was Dinara. she woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that she barfed all over the bed.
then she was down with fever for two days before she slowly recovered.

Dayana was next. she also woke me up in the middle of the night to let me know she barfed all over my bathroom floor T____T. it was a miracle i didn't end up barfing myself as i hosed away all the mess.
she barfed again that night. and she came down with a fever that lasted 3 days because she refused to drink more water and when she did manage to swallow some food, she barfed it up all over again when she took her meds. sigh.

then it was Kakak Mini's turn. she told me she also barfed a couple of times in the middle of the night (is barfing a midnight thing or something..?). she doesn't believe in our conventional meds, choosing to go for the traditional urut badan instead. she deduces that badan masuk angin as the cause of everyone being sick.

luckily i was still up last night... it was 2am when i heard Emma coughing. i went to check on her only to find that she had barfed all over the floor -____- and just after i got her cleaned up, she pooped loose stools, so i had to clean her up for a second time @_@. i tried to get her to drink milk but she barfed all that up not too long afterwards, so i filled her bottle with water, of which i was relieved to see her finish.

bad luck for me she couldn't settle back to sleep properly so i was half-asleep half-awake the whole night trying to get her to la la land until before i knew it, it was time to wake up already, haiz.

so... we're having a barf party at our house, everyone! T___T

Pia? oh she's ok (for now) (touch 1000 available pieces of wood within reach), she only fell at the playground yesterday and scraped her knees. and spent a good hour howling about it too. hee~.

i'd like to think of it as the stomach flu, because all four of them ended up doing alot of vomiting, accompanied by a slight fever. the doctor i brought Dayana to see casually asked if she went to any rotavirus-infected areas recently.

hmmmm... that could be it. but my friend says that you'd also experience severe diarrhea if you had rotavirus, so i guess it's back to the stomach flu then?

anyways, here i am half asleep typing this entry. i hope the remaining family members don't fall sick, it's so energy consuming to care for a sick person! i should've just taken EL today, my brain is literally not working, sigh. my butt hurts for sitting too long, i have a slight sprain in my shoulders and my eyes are slowly going out of focus. errrr maybe it's a sign of literally ageing. haha.

so if anyone asks, tonight i will be sleeping right after take off. ta~!

August 22, 2016

fresh from the Lush Kitchen

for anyone that's a Lush fan. smell lasts for hours, i kid you not.

Rose Jam Liquid Perfume from Lush Kitchen 30ml
RM230 posted

Twilight Liquid Perfume from Lush Kitchen 30ml
RM255 posted

August 21, 2016

rio olympics 2016

4 silvers, 1 bronze. not bad for a fruitful Olympics.
i know i'm proud. aren't we all?

July 31, 2016

A & Q

Acap and Ida finally got married!

i thought we arrived late, but we happened to arrive just as the newlyweds were about to enter the hall. i didn't have time to attack the dessert table, but i did manage to grab a mini pavlova before we were ushered into the hall, haha.

Daisy framed me obliterating the dessert table
with the bride and groom

when i got married many light years ago, we didn't have the luxury of putting technology stuff onto the dulang save for digital cameras, along with the usual Quran, fruits, matching watches, toiletries, telekung, shoes, stuff like that. nowadays got so many choices! iPhone lah, iPad lah, i think they would have put the PS4 console onto the dulang if someone didn't the mind carrying the weight around, ahahahhaha. that's actually not a bad idea... you get the guy PS4 games, then ask him to go buy the console himself, lol lol! women's handbags also.... years ago Coach was considered a luxury. now it's LV this and LV that.... coach, say what?

hantaran barang ps4 lol

i have to say the food was super awesome.the rice was ohsem, the ais kacang was ohsem, the laksa was ohsem... no lie. they had food stalls scattered around the hall, you just have to pick what you want. i'm getting hungry just typing about this.

the food was delicious

much has changed in the past 2 years.

us, 2014
now, 2016

i guess you could say we should thank Aviax for allowing our paths to cross with these bunch of amazing people. hahahhahahaha. i wouldn't be friends with them if it weren't for that (and if weren't for the husband going through midlife crisis so early in life haha).

the Aviax gang haha
the one and only photograph of all of us

have you heard of Prisma? the app itself is slow in rendering, but otherwise the end results are pretty impressive. Pandora lovers love to use the  Mosaic effect on their collection, it makes everything look extra shiny and glassier, it reminds me of those jeweled glass windows you see in cathedrals (specifically i'm reminded of Beauty and the Beast haha).


and this one... i don't remember what effect this was. the app is soOoOo slow that by the time the effects were added to the photo i've forgotten what i had chosen *roll eyes*.


July 18, 2016

raya weekend

Saturday morning i woke up early and headed to Meru.

i will always be amazed at how a huge heavy box such as in the below photo can actually fit into the boot of a Myvi. a Myvi, of all cars! that box couldn't even fit into my Insight, even after folding down the back seats!

there was another person who also had to go back and get another car because the box couldn't fit into this car boot, either. hahahahha. the lady even said the box could actually fit into a Kancil omg. are Myvis and Kancils the evolved version of a Doraemon pocket? lulz. luckily my bil owned a Myvi. and that he was still at home when i asked him if i could borrow his car. he didn't believe it either when i said that box couldn't fit into my own car. lol.

can fit into a Myvi :O

the box is freaking heavy! umm what's in the box, you ask? you don't wanna know. hahahahha.

freaking heavy

the company was having a clearance sale of some sort, and the husband's simulator centre that he used to work with needed one... for simulation purposes i guess. haha. even my mom asked me where did i get the MTB (did she say MTB? i thought she said MPV... i might have heard wrong lol... nanti i check with her). my mom says earlier meal cart trolleys were designed differently, and she asked were there any extras? =D~~~ btw, is it a norm to sell stuff without any photos of the actual item? on the inside it's pretty cool; you could actually fit alot into this meal cart. heck, i could store junk food upstairs in this thing and save up alot of counter space! hahahahhaha.

meal cart! or MTB as my mom calls it

it was already evening and raining when i headed out to my friend Mekbie's open house in Hartamas. they served rendang!!!! woohoo! my kids without fail will always ask to see the inside of the house first, be it a wedding or open house. i don't really know what they look for inside (kids their age, perhaps?). but there were other kids in the house, so pepandai la diorg layan diri while the mother go stuff her face with food. bahahahhaha.

we must also not forget to take selfie with the glowing mummy-to-be =D.

rendang!!! woohoo
with the preggy mummy, 36 weeks

on Sunday we held a family gathering for my mom's side of the family (we supplied the venue, lol). at 11 sharp a whole bunch of my cousins arrived (wau there were punctual haha). caterer pun tak sampai lagi, eep. uncles, aunties and cousins came all the way down from as far as Kuantan and Ipoh for this event. i haven't seen most of my cousins since forever, so it was great to spend the whole day mingling with everyone.

alhamdulillah, it stayed sunny for most of the afternoon. i was so busy running around that i totally forgot to take photos of the event. haha.

Sophia fluttered from one person to the other, she seemed happy to be roaming about all by herself with so many people in the house. it's usually cricket noises for her most of the time, lol.

Party Princess Butterfly

after food official photos, everyone took the party to the pool. my elder two water babies were the first kids to jump into the pool under the freaking hot sun T___T. the other kids wanted to go in, and since kids needed supervision, so the adults had to get into the pool too =P~. some were smart enough to bring water guns to fight with. that will soon be in my children's wishlist. hee~

everyone went swimming... haha

even Emma kinda opened up to strangers. cool eh? she started out hi five-ing everybody, and then pretty soon i left her wandering around the house to mingle with everyone (in other words, as long as i stayed out of her line of sight, then she be good hahahahha).

Spaghetti Chipmunk
experienced bibik =D

i think i might be the only person in the world that does not know about this Cincau segar drink =D i find it freaking delicious haha. a big cincau fan here! well, my dad used to buy cincau by the block during the fasting month and we'd chop it up into pieces and add them into our drinks for iftar. i wonder if Tesco carries this brand. i dunno about the 'rasa asli' part, but some people did mention that it tasted too sweet.

sedap gila ayaq ni

and here we are attempting to take the most awesomest family photo. how many of us were there again? (1, 2, 3.... *attempting to count and failing miserably) =P

we can fit into the living room!

later that evening we sambung beraya at Naili's Place in Sentul. it was past nine when we arrived, it had been raining the whole evening. no lemang here =(. or maybe finish. Nedd, mana lu?

sambung beraya kat Naili's
sempat menyelit in the photo lol

July 15, 2016

post-raya post

selamat hari raya! is it too late for me to wish? =D

i feel like my raya isn't complete without being able to visit a couple of open houses first. i didn't really get to celebrate raya properly last week (read: stuffing my face with countless food of rendang, lontong, lemang, and the likes of it) because the husband was working and 'had' to celebrate raya in India. haha. so... anyone doing open houses within the month? i want to gate-crash! =P

i owe this blog countless of entries... does anyone even read blogs these days? with more users migrating to Instagram or SnapChat or FB or whatever social app that i don't even know about, most of my online reading materials have gone extinct... seriously! i think it's been awhile since i even picked up a story book, either. oh if you're a Harry Potter fan, you MUST buy this book when it comes out end of the month:

can you believe i haven't pre-ordered this book? i don't know what i'm waiting for. hahahaha. and here i thought The Cursed Child was only released in theater form. i'm not an e-book fan because i already stare at my office monitor 8 hours a day (more if i work overtime), and then continue staring at my phone screen during odd hours, so why would i need to add more strain to my eyes staring at yet another digital screen? going traditional is much better, thank you.

so many people have been farming spiders on their own blogs; it's sad because that means i lose my source of online reading materials =(. people get too busy with life, work, (instagram), kids... but sometimes when they do actually update, it's usually one of those advertising entries, which i skip altogether (bo-ring). i guess i'm gonna have to expand my url reading materials when i have the time to trawl. anyway, what i'm saying is that i'll try to post updates more often (more for myself than for you actually) so that you won't write me off so easily. lol.

i had a Dr. appointment this morning, i've been having stomach cramps for the past couple of days that just wouldn't go away. even after getting TWO MCs, i'm still online, working my butt off. how much fun is that? haha.

in the meantime, here's a photo of the four rascals that drive me crazy every time i try to work from home:


July 12, 2016

Mumbai, the Departure

since i'm not crew and didn't have the luxury of breezing past customs, i went ahead and took the shuttle to the airport by myself. the airport was only about 10 minutes away, even at night there was traffic in front of the hotel.

Hyatt Regency

the airport is really gorgeous. it's vast and white... i dunno i just like the whole ambience of it =D.

Departures, MAS at gate 5
hotel shuttle
departure information
the airport is spacious. me likey!
checking in
selfie before heading to customs

i remember my friend Nadia telling me Indian customs had a crazy wait-time; she was right. i waited close to one hour just to clear customs i thought i was going to miss my flight T___T and i thought the line to scan our bags was long, they're really thorough in security checks practically everyone was body-searched, they even had a private enclosure just for women, lol.

at one point while i was halfway down the queue, a bunch of people suddenly came out of nowhere and starting jumping the line. 'excuse me, excuse me', they said, briskly walking past us like nobody's business and started forming a second line parallel to the existing one T_T. what the...? ok so at first i was thinking, maybe their flight was about to take off, so kasi chan la potong queue. but then more people started 'following' these people and before you realize it, a whole bunch of people had cut the line. wth??? diorg ingat diorang je ke yg had a flight to catch???

and at some point, even the locals started to mengamuk, bahahahahhah. they demanded for the  officials to do something about it. kesian ok especially the people travelling with small children, they were getting antsy standing around in line.

they speak good English, btw.

and so what felt like almost eternity, i was on my way. i always seem to end up breezing past the terminals just to get to my gate T___T. i did manage to stop by the Clinique counter, i was hoping that they sell makeup remover in travel-sized. they did - but they sold it in a pack of 5. ok tak jadi beli. moving on.

i purchased a fridge magnet for my sil since she requested for one. i couldn't find a single souvenir shop when i was walking aimlessly down the streets of the Colaba Causeway earlier. i didn't manage to find anyone selling postcards either, not even at the airport. how come their airport doesn't carry a single postcard???

heading for the gate
strolling around while waiting for departure

after huffing and puffing to reach the Gate 67 on time, i found that even the crew hadn't boarded yet. aircraft late again as usual. haha. so i took the opportunity to take a photograph with the pembantu juruterbang.

with the co-pilot
thanks India =)
Gate 67 finally ready for boarding
the best part of boarding airplanes

it was still raining in Mumbai during takeoff. i remember the first time i boarded a plane co-piloted by my husband for the very first time last year.

"just saying... it's finally sinking in that i'm taking the flight that the husband is actually/literally flying. haha KUL-HKG, 20/11/2015"

now? tak heran pun. bahahahahha. his landings have been improving, so he says. i have yet to see the inside of an actual B738 cockpit (simulators doesn't count). but apart from that i will always enjoy my seat at the economy class. hee~

it rains in Mumbai

i got a whole row to myself during the flight back. the cons? my seat was at the first row immediately after business class, which means that the armrests were unmoveable, phoooey.

i managed to get this early morning shot from my window before the windows became too hot to touch. cantik kan? i still wish we could stand on clouds lol lol. obviously the best view would be from the front seat of the plane, but that person *ahem* is too busy looking at controls and charts to even bother to take a few *roll eyes*. or probably segan dengan Captain, eh? lolz.

morning horizon
flight details

the crew was really nice, one kept asking me if i needed anything. living with a pilot who brings back lots of stuff from his trips (read: biscuits and loads and loads and loads of peanuts T___T), i really didn't need anything else, really. hahahhahahahha.

so... til my next trip... whenever that is. =D