April 14, 2020

makan maggi in style

RMO Day 28: when you've been stuck at home for more than 25 days you start to get creative when it comes to food.

in this post i'm going to reference 'maggi' as 'ramen', since it sounds much more healthier, and i'm trying to make myself feel less guilty for feeding my kids instant noodles, hahahahha.

i call this dish 'Luxury Ramen' inspired by a friend of mine in instagram =D

to make the soup, tumis:
- bawang merah
- cili boh
- kiub ayam
- u can add in the perencah that came with the maggi, but i only used half out of the three packets

then add water, wait for it to boil.
add kimchi if you have it, kalau nak fefeeling ala2 Korea. #eh

meanwhile, get the kids to chop up whatever it is you want to add into the ramen.
since my kids are such picky eaters, and i had limited amount of stuff in the fridge (a trip to the supermarket is about due), i added in the following:

- sayur pakchoy, hiris senipis yang mungkin, else they will struggle kutip satu2 letak tepi
- sausages
- crab sticks

susun all the ingredients cantik2 in the pot, with the ramen in the middle. i used 3 packets, because pot tak muat =D

once the soup starts boiling, pour onto the ramen and continue to cook everything in the pot.

poured the soup into the pot

add in the eggs and leave it in for as long as you want (but make sure you don't overcook the ramen).

add in the egg

once done, tutup api and sprinkle daun sup on top. done!

presentation is key

sebbaik they finished everything, even the sayur. haha.

licin. demi maggi

next time, if i ever semangat nak make this again i should put in:
- cherry tomatoes
- enoki mushrooms
- a slice of cheese


April 6, 2020

RMO - Day 20

i've noticed that the RMO gets people buying a whole bunch of stuff online. kitchen enthusiasts have decided that now's the best time to get a Thermomix (mak tak mampu lagi), a Kitchen Aid, or a Breadmaker - since it's sooo difficult to get Gardenia off the shelves these days. some people decides to purchase more potted plants to create a jungle effect in their home since we can't go outside as much as we used to. others decide to purchase home improvement stuff. guess which category i fall under? LOL

i reckon that if you don't trawl other people's instastories, you wouldn't get yourself terjebak into all this stuff, like seriously. at this point it's a good time to temporarily unfollow all accounts that you think will drain your bank account, hee~

so one day i came across this person's instatory and i thought, wah cantiknya susun2 kasut macam tu! with a house full of so many people, you can just imagine how many pairs of shoes are lying around the house, you can't even keep track of how many shoes you own OR you're not even sure which shoe is still being worn and by whom (ni dasar tak reti nak buang kasut2 yg dah lama atau tak muat dah hahahahaha). the only shoe closet i have is the old opaque traditional one and once a shoe goes inside that closet, it's goodbye shoe - there's a high chance i might forget that you're in there kinda thing, you know? T__T we also have the shoe rack+bench from ikea, but i notice shoes tend to accumulate dust in the open air, not to mention the limited amount of shoes you can actually pile on the rack. NOT TO MENTION when your kids start to get territorial and starts declaring 'hey that's my spot!' the same way they fight to declare their 'spot' in the Vellfire. or fight over what car pillow they get, when the only difference between the pillows is the freaking COLOR *rolls eyes*.

stackable shoe boxes! wheeeeee

anyway. she even shared the link of where she purchased the shoe boxes - on Shoppee, where else? i could already imagine myself organizing shoes during this undefined period of social distancing, hahahahaha. so i found a store that sold them in a set of 6, ready stock in Malaysia. i purchased it in 4 colors (except for white because it's too mainstream =P).

product size: 33.5 * 23.5 * 13 cm

i didn't imagine it to arrive looking like this. i was like, can this really be assembled and stacked together to look like the storage boxes in the above photo? *skeptic* it arrived on a Sunday merely wrapped in bubble wrap. i was lucky it arrived in one piece with nothing broken. i read reviews that some arrived with broken covers.

pink, blue, green, purple

the only challenge i faced during assembly was to attach the cover lid of the shoe box. took me quite awhile to figure out the mechanism too, haha. i read reviews that other people also faced the same challenge of assembling that last part. it didn't come with any instructions; i suppose they assume that even monkeys can assemble this, that's how easy it should be. no matter how hard i tried to put on the lid, it never managed to stick on properly. you had no idea how much i was cursing just to connect the lid ok. siap give up try the next day LOL.

oh the challenge to assembling this part

luckily one buyer had the bright idea to mention that you could look it up on youtube. it only dawned on me that that tiny foldable part had to be pushed down ALL THE WAY in order for the frame to stick on properly - the keyword in the youtube clip was 'until you hear a click' wahahahhahahahah adehhh *smacks forehead* right after that i tried again (i really did hear a click) and wallah.... it stuck!

misi berjaya! LOL

oh mak excited. i managed to assemble all 24 boxes while watching Money Heist. hahahahhahahah

ade orang dah rasmi dah simpan kasut dalam tu

now to figure out where to stack these boxes in the house. and to figure out how many pairs of shoes exist in the house. haha.

updated: decided to letak sini dulu (as per photo). you can actually connect them so that they stick together, very the ingenious. i threw out a bunch of shoe boxes in the process. kon mari much?

tada. i think i need more bahahaha

on another note, i must be late joining the La Casa de Papel bandwagon =P. instastory is a most powerful thing, no kidding. so who's better: Le Professor or Le Michael Scofield?

Money Heist

and lunch for today. dah out of ideas what to eat already. dah lemau, lama sangat duduk rumah.


March 29, 2020

just to lighten the mood

1. when Malaysians tak reti nak dengar cakap:
sit! stay!

2. this is exactly me during this RMO. who's with me??
working mom woes

3. when you see this as a business opportunity for the corona virus LOL:
dis i kenot

hang in there everyone. we can do this!

March 1, 2020

differences between the 'demics'

the word pandemic comes from a Greek word 'pandemos', which means 'pertaining to all people'.

pan (all) demos (people)

still haven't managed to digest these definitions into my brain. lul

(of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.

a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.


February 28, 2020

when it is not yet your time

so i guess it wasn't my rezeki this year. they had already cancelled MH158, and eventually MH156 got cancelled too. i got as far as the airport yesterday.

all packed but unable to go

final verdict: cancelled.

on the way back to the car we met this guy (who barely recognized me bahahahah). he almost succeeded in attempting to lure us into flying East instead of the planned West amidst all the chaos =D. we already had our bags packed anyway, so why not? =P but instead of tank tops and shorts for the summer, we had a bunch of robes, kain ihram and telekungs instead LOL LOL.

jumpa batchmate Pilot

i'd like to thank all my family and friends who helped me alot with the necessary preparations, even though i have yet to embark on this spiritual journey. Insyallah in the future maybe? Amin.

was i disappointed? i guess so. the decision to go on this trip was kind of last minute (with alot of dugaan in between), but i had already prepared myself mentally for this journey... only to be unable to go due to the coronavirus. Allah is the best of planners, so i guess ade hikmah disebalik this trial He has brought unto us.

on another note, i totally recommend these two books for light-reading. purchased them on Shoppee, but they only arrived the day i was supposed to fly wahahahahahhaha.

now excuse me while i go cancel my unpaid leave.

January 29, 2020

celebrating haze at Amber

most of my colleagues' birthdays fall in the earlier part of the year. that's ok, by the time i'm done pranking them, they'd have forgotten about my birthday. haha. this colleague of mine refuses to celebrate birthdays, but we still insisted on having lunch together - mencari alasan untuk membawang ramai2, lol however i'm writing this post mainly to talk about the food, and not so much about the birthday part ok =P.

Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant,
Nexus @ Bangsar South

Amber's the best place in our area for mee tarik. we decided to celebrate our 'low-profile' colleague's birthday here. lama oh tak pigi! this place is perfect if you plan to makan hidang ramai2, because the portions are huge. unless you just want a bowl of noodle soup, then the portion is just enough for one person. i like my mee tarik of course. but i wish they hadn't gone over the top with the dedaun hijau, jenuh i nak kutip satu2 =P (like mother like daughter hahahahah).

mee tarik

i am absolutely a fan of their flower tea, it tastes even better each time you add more hot water to it.

my favourite flower tea

so there were just the five of us, and this was the amount of food that we ordered among us. although i think someone's order hadn't arrived yet at the time this photo was taken. hmmm...

birthday spread

we had to tapau the buns back =P. i would've tapau'd the flower tea too if i could =P~~~

pipi pau

birthday boy insisted in paying though. happy birthday Haze, semoga panjang umur murah rezeki!

December 24, 2019

summing up the year 2019

talking to my boss recently got me to thinking of how much i miss writing, jotting my thoughts into words and posting it online for everyone to see (ok well, that last part is crap, it's actually more of me cementing my thoughts into stone before my birdbrain forgets every small detail haha, but whatevs)

me asks Deskmate: eh semalam utk lunch i makan apa eh?
Deskmate: *smacks forehead*

bahahaha. don't play2. every single word from my mouth will be ungkited and used as ammo against me later T__T

(if i asked Lina, she'd probably demand RM5 per question hahahah)

i've realized that the lesser i write in English, the rustier my command of the language, serious. i also haven't been reading as much as i should, despite having a few books lined up at home - Kay Hooper, Sophie Kinsella, to name a few. the ig is a real blog killer - i've been posting more on ig rather than on my blog, so i apologize for the rare updates. my friend has even closed down her ig to spend more time on her blog, how awesome is that.

well anyway, let's see. a whole year of 2019 has passed in a blink of an eye, my maid keeps reminding me how fast time flies, as if i didn't realize that already. almost two years have passed since i first started working at the company, i'm due to be expired in about two weeks, and what the heck am i going to fill up in my kpi form this year? haizzz. thanks to the Boss' insistence, i'm now CTAL certified. at least that's one thing i can say if he asks me about my achievement for this year, LOL

i've had a whole year of ups and downs, with my car taking the cake - emptying my purse like water mengalahkan all the water cuts that occured in Selangor this year alone, hahahahhah. 9 more months to go, the car you love to hate and hate to love, that car will be fully paid for, whoopee. i've no plans for a new car, that allocation's going to the Pilot next year. this year, the only 'vehicle' we bought is a Mobot, ever heard of it? the kids are really enjoying being the pillion rider. let's see if the Pilot's going to use it for Friday prayers as originally intended, hahahahhaha.

in terms of travelling, i didn't really get to do much jet-setting this year, the Pilot's been more busier on the ground than in the air. i went to London before puasa to visit the fil, he hasn't been well the whole year and the kids miss him terribly. i've already forgotten the scent of the aircraft cabin =D but i've made more gorgeous friends in the aviation sector this year, let's hope i get to see them onboard sometime.

me and Dad

on a more personal note, be careful for what you wish for because i permanently gained a few kgs this year and am unable to shed them as easily as i hoped i could. people have noticed and have complimented on how i've gained, i look much better than the skeleton that i used to be, but i don't like how my face looks like a round plate in photos (hi nana pinggan!) and how i'm unable to fit into most of my existing outfits T___T. i need to come with terms that i'm no longer a default XS, hahahhaha. buying a whole new wardrobe is not an option, so i'm gonna have to start getting into shape before i automatically turn into a full fledged dumpling. my last jog was in August ok, bahahahhaha. i keep saying i should drag my eldest along for excursions because even she complains that she's tired all day - mana taknya asyik duduk depan computer je tak gerak2, no?

i've chopped my locks and dyed my hair earlier this year with Avantlamode, just because the old color was growing out. my friends decided to chop off their locks instead of favoring the french twist and hairspray, so i decided to follow suit haha (and because short hair makes you look younger they say hahahha). my hair is now a weird shade of green. i cannot wait for my hair to grow longer and have it redyed again to a color i'm more comfortable with. my kids are delighted with the relevation that yellow + blue actually does make green, bahahahhahah.

new hair color

took me a year to complete Xenoblade Chronicles 2, am now playing Octopath Traveler, finishing all the sidequests available. not sure what game to move on to next, hmmm.... #forevergamer

Octopath Traveler =D

with regards to my offspring, this year my #3 graduates from kindy and is going to primary school next year. my #2 received an award from Kafa. next year is going to be hectic with three kids in Primary, the last one in kindy, and the eldest sitting for her UPSR (i secretly think that i'm going to stress out more than she being stressed herself, heck i'm not even sure if she will be, hmmmmm). some asks me, when do you wanna add on? i will punch the next person that asks me that. i'm going to have to upgrade my vehicle to a bus liddat. i have yet to sew on their school badges onto their uniforms for next year's term.

my ladder of life

this year i joined Viper - twice - and dragged a bunch of random friends along for the second time around (two Spartan pros, who i think found Viper to be easy peasy, simple pimple =P). due to my comprehensiveness of attempting the 20km route, we signed up for the 5km and despite my out-of-shapedness (if there ever is a word), we plan to do the 20km just for the sake of the awesome obstacles next year, choooooiiii LOL. i'm still thinking twice (no, make that 1000 times) about joining Spartan again, though. can die joining that one. my next year resolution would be to eat less, ganti puasa and be a bit more fit next year, lol.

viper the First
viper, second helping

i've come to realize that despite all the upsides, rushed timelines may not be a good thing, because good things can come to an end a tad too soon even before you realize it. for some people, that is.

so here's to the new year 2020. merry christmas and a happy new year to those celebrating. happy holidays! =)