March 10, 2011

spay the nipas

dayana zooms into the bedroom.

dayana: mommy, ada nipas! ada nipas kat tv!
me: where?
dayana: come mommy, meh show, meh show.

heads toward the darkened living room where Dayana was watching Beauty & the Beast for the trillionth time.

me: mana lipas? (warily looks around the tv area) takde pun.
dayana: tu!!! (pointing at the ceiling cornice)
me: where? (squinting into the darkness) on the ceiling? that one? (me pointing to the teeny-weeny baby cicak that seemed like a small speck of dirt on the cornice)
dayana: yes, on the ceiling. mommy spay nipas!!!
me: T_T!
me: that's not lipas la, that's a cicak!
dayana: oooo, cicak go to sleep (makes horror face).

aih. itu cicak on the wall pun mau takut kaaa??? ni mesti inherited from the Daddy lar nih!!!


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Ummi to Hamzah said...

Omg supercute!!priceless to get that kind of rection from dayana ;)