March 8, 2011

Dinara on solids now

ok so i got abit carried away with the banner. but it's currently my favorite color to look at. lol.

i started Dinara on solids last Saturday, i wanted to be the first person to spoon food into her mouth haha. i think she benefitted alot from just observing her older sister, she seemed to grasp the idea of spoon feeding much better than Dayana did the last time she started on solids.

her first food? i started out with those cereals added with EBM. my mom used to nag that since i didn't start Dayana on those type of cereals, growing older she absolutely refused to even try it (and she's still a picky eater until now). she's such a picky eater, only eats when she feels like it, but chugs alot of milk at night T_T. bila mau train her to stop bottle feeding? she recently chewed all my available teats to oblivion. luckily Mothercare had a sale last weekend. but i only bought 2, i should've gotten a couple more. i would've gone crazy at Mothercare if i didn't happen to bump into Farrah B last Friday, hahahah. i ended up empty handed the day i saw her (but that didn't stop me from purchasing Burt's Bee's for myself the following day at Parkson hahahahah).

her first few spoons

sudah habis, makan spoon pun jadi lah

anyway, it's back to the chopping board literally as to what i can feed Dinara. hohoho. i gave her a Rusk biscuit and she happily reduced it to crumbs, haha. can i use this excuse to buy a new blender/steamer? there's a sale at LittleWhiz. ohohohohoho *evil laugh*.

SR will be rented out tomorrow, i feel abit sad since i'll no longer be able to drop by on weekends to chill out, or be able to have a quick shower in our open-air bathroom =P. nor will i be able to enjoy the modern-ness of my tiny but cozy kitchen area, hahaha. on the other hand i have to keep reminding myself that the rental is good and i need to cover all the expenses we incurred just doing up the place @_@. i just hope the tenant will take good care of the unit. 'do unto others like how you'd like to be treated' and all that crap. hahahhahaha. i cringe each time i recall mil's unit in KL, the place is horrendous, no thanks to the previous tenant -.-

that's Dinara chillin out on the carpet :)

oh lookie, i got this newsletter in my inbox just now:

Significant Other wants to know who is in US right now, he wants to order. haha.


szarihan said...

aa started solid oredi?
ala dont be sad la bout ur house tu...u'll get masyuk every month, best tu hehehe

Dina said...

"i wanted to be the first person to spoon food into her mouth haha."
i can relate.