December 31, 2009

saujana residency

i had to take half-day leave today to keep this appointment. since everything was a last minute notice thing, we were lucky enough to get squeezed into an available timeslot. all this while we've been passing by each day looking from the outside. so today's the day we finally get a peek inside. whee~

and to think we signed the agreement in December 2005. that was almost 4 years ago. lol.

i know alot needs to be done for before we can actually call it a home. not to mention that it's really tiny, suitable for a family of 4; not sure what will happen once that number turns to 5. and i don't even want to think about the $$$ that will be pouring out like water for the renovations and doing up the place. so for the moment we're just savoring the feeling of actually having a place to call our own. i'm only not sure of when that is. haha.

the good thing about this area is you have most of everything - there's a shopping complex in walking distance so i won't have to worry much about purchasing necessities and other stuff. there's even the ktm, but i'm hoping the lrt will extend the lines to our area. i can't stand the ktm. i think i'd be dead by the time ktm decides to improve itself. i dunno how other people can tahan waiting and taking the ktm (i salute you Kalpana!).

so... any IDs out there interested in suggesting ideas on how we can do up the place? because i don't have a single creative bone in my body, so suggestions are always welcomed =)

si kecik running around the house getting herself dusty

the living room view. you can actually spy KL Tower from afar

the public bathroom lol. one of its unique features that made us buy this place.

view of the Olympic pool and Suria Tower

si kecik having fun at the play area


SlingMeMama said...

ill share mine. affordable but good quality. all the way they came from kl to penang. (coz penang is sucks and wayyyy tooo expensive).ill share my house transformation via picture later. i just remembered that i didnt take my house picture after the renovation done.hahahah

can ask ito as well. her house is very nice........

Maneesa said...

lily ,

Nice crib :)

Ummi to Hamzah said...

Lilly thia will be real nice crib once you get it well furnished with cheerful colours and such.looks like a lovely home to be.

E`n1x said...

shida: thanks. coz at the moment i have no idea how i should decorate it!

sha: thanks dear =). empty for now. suck at interior decorating. can't even see the end picture yet. how are you?

mawar: we'll see how. it's not cheap to do up one, even for that small size. i can just cry thinking about it.

sol said...

nice! :)

harap2 i can have one nice crib to call my home as well. soon i wish!