December 23, 2009

walking, kicking and screaming

i'm having a hard time watching over Dayana each time we go for an outing. for one thing, she thinks she's a big girl so she demands to be put down so that she can walk wherever she desires without allowing anyone to hold her hand.

i think Dayana should start hanging out with kids around her own age. she made friends with a boy older than her at the dentist yesterday while waiting for her Daddy to finish with his appointment. he was such a sweetheart for entertaining a girl much younger than him. lol. just as the boy entered the clinic with his dad, Dayana kinda fell onto the floor, so he came up to her just as she got back onto her feet and asked her if she was alright. oh he's so sweet! he tried to teach her how to play hide n seek, which failed miserably of course since Dayana didn't know what was going on, but she scurried after the boy wherever he went. she seemed to have so much fun running around the clinic, haha. even when we were about to leave Dayana didn't seem to want to follow us. the boy helped to escort her to the door and even after the glass doors closed, she went back to the doors to look for her new friend. hee~.

before going to Ikea, we dropped by One Utama to look for Skechers. ever since we got back from Singapore, Significant Other decided he was in need of a new pair of sneakers, the Shape Ups specifically in mind. but unfortunately for him the mens range will only be in stores next year, perhaps? hoho. and as usual Dayana wanted down from her stroller and walk walk walk. simply walk without even looking at where she's going. she'll stop in her tracks when she comes across a kid, or if something catches her eye, or she'll start 'browsing' through all the reachable items (she had so much fun browsing through the lingerie section in Parkson -.-). we had to practically drag her out of the store kicking n screaming. omg my dot pandai protest ok. she'll slither to the floor whenever we try to pick her up against her will. haiz. in the end i bought her a book that could make Ducky sounds just to keep her occupied. she tried immitating the ducky sounds but only ended up with 'dowh dowh dowh dowh dowh'. kekekeke.

so you see why, Farrah, i wanted to borrow your monkey. to see if it might work for me. Dayana seems to not yet understand the concept of staying close to your parent. too young perhaps? haha.

next we went to Ikea to get my mom's 'Burkens'. haha. Significant Other let her play at the kid's activity table, they had a lot of toys out for kids to tinker with. the funny thing was that she didn't really know how to share the toys. or maybe she doesn't know how to play with others yet. there was this plastic hammer that she practically tried to grab from another kid who was also at the activity table (luckily the kid didn't mind, tsk teruk betul anak i nih haha). then she'll be interested in what the other kids were playing with. it was a good 10 minutes to get her away from the activity table, again with the usual shrieking and screaming. i couldn't let her run loose in the fragile section @@.

at the checkout, i realized that the parking ticket was not on me so i checked my bag thrice but couldn't find the bloody ticket. so Significant Other occupied Dayana with allowing her to push the mini trolley around while i went running around Ikea (later today Significant Other called me saying it's at the dashboard, boengoks betul la, apsal i cariek banyak kali tak jumpa??). i was close to tears at this point. luckily the security guard was kind enough to give me a spare ticket. i wasted like half a hour searching hi and lo for the ticket okay. and i couldn't believe it was under my nose the whole time. no thanks to Significant Other for not helping me check in the first place. i was already hot and sweaty for going back and forth from the parking lot to the checkout. grrrrrr. and Dayana was already screaming her head off. didn't help that she kept throwing her pacifier and milk bottle onto the floor, and i had to clean them up for her numerous times @@.

she's at her grandparent's now, it's been a month since she last saw them. Ashu is there too acting as temporary babysitter, haha. haiz. she's enough to drive me crazy. and that's only #1. belum lagi #2, #3, #4. kekekekekeke.

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