December 8, 2009

second year anni

after posting the previous entry, i only noticed the date. hahaha. beongoks betul.

today is my 2nd year anniversary. two years married to Signicifant Other. two years that actually feels like 20 years, lol!

as usual, he doesn't remember the date. haha.

i only realized the date was coming up a week before when Significant Other was busy studying for his ACCA paper that took place on the 7th of December (yesterday). so as of yet, nothing planned.

here's to another year of joy, laughter, tears and fights *hugs*

p/s. i want more hugs and kisses please!


Ummi to Hamzah said...

Happy 2nd anniv lilly dear with ur hub :) how time flies, i can still recall moments attend ur wedding tau. May Allah bless ur family always with love and keberkatan dunia akhirat, ameen

neddhashim said...

Congrats cuz! Ajak Akbar pergi 2nd honeymoon laaa

Bonda Waldan said...

mine is tumoloooo