December 30, 2009

an evening of so-called fun

OT: i found a little short story hilariously funny... at my sista's blog =P

so yesterday evening we went to Pyramid and brought Dayana along. the day we had our movie marathon i got myself a new set of eyes so the total amount purchased entitled us to redeem complimentary vouchers for RM20 worth of rides in the Nite Park at Sunway Lagoon. in the first place, i didn't even know they had a nite park. entry is free until the end of January 2010 i think. we even got a voucher for us to purchase tickets for the Dolphins & Sea Lions Show at 30% off. you can't miss it, it's located at the Pyramid Open Air Carpark. both vouchers were valid until end of January next year.

since it was loooking a little drizzly outside, we decided to just stick to indoors for today, and opt for the nite park for another day. they had a mini carnival indoors in the old wing, with a merry go round, a train ride, a helicopter ride, bumper cars, and even a ferris wheel, to name a few (all in kiddo version, of course). we knew Dayana would be excited to try some of the rides so we purchased a prepaid card which could be used on all of the rides, and get or balance refunded once we're finished.

now, who in their right mind would let their 1yr+ old kid go on all the rides all by themself? definitely not me. before purchasing a prepaid i specifically asked if kids Dayana's age could go on the rides, the Malay lady at the ticketing booth said yes, i only had to pay for one and i still got to accompany Dayana on the rides. so ok la fine. so we had a go on the merry go round. i paid for One person. Dayana was kinda blur at first, but after a few turns around the merry go round she got used to it and started waving at Daddy. when the ride finished she didn't seem to want to let go of the horse. hehe.


next up was the train ride. i asked the guy manning the ride if Dayana could go on the ride. the train ride was rather jerky and fast, and even though they had safety belts i still wasn't sure if it was safe for her to go on the ride alone. i also paid for One person. it was a tight squeeze for me though T_T. Dayana loved this ride even better than the first. she got to turn the steering wheel (both wheels, i might add, apa punye style i pun tak tau). she protested when the ride ended and i wanted to get her out of the car.

see how cramped i was in there hahahah

she didn't want to get off the ride

the third ride we wanted her to go on was the heli ride. it was this fast contraption that spun round and round - quite fast i might add - high above the ground. again, i asked if Dayana could go on the ride. but the two Indian ladies manning the ride said that if i was going to accompany Dayana, i had to pay for Two people. and they went and swiped my card twice. i was like, wth? are they expecting me to let Dayana ride the spinning helicopter all by herself at her age? are they crazy or what? and i don't care if they had safety belts and gates or whatever.

i told them that lady at the ticketing booth said that i could accompany my daughter on the rides without additional charge. so they went back to the booth to clarify. and you know what? suddenly the Malay lady decided to change her statement saying, oh, only the merry go round i can ride for free because i'd just be standing there holding my daughter while she goes up and down on the merry go round and i was like, wtf?? the guy at the train ride didn't even charge me when i got on the train ride. and now you fleabag women want to charge me for the heli ride???

furthermore one of the Indian ladies kept saying that they only admitted for free children below One year old, while the other one said that once the child can walk they will charge for the admission. lagi another piece of crap coming out from their mouths. for one thing, how the hell do you know how old the child is? for all you care, i could've just crapped that my daughter was 11 months old, you wouldn't know the difference. and another thing, what if you child was super great and managed to start walking at the age below One? i mean seriously. just because the child can walk doesn't mean she's capable to going on the rides all by themself. i mean, most amusement theme parks allow free admission for children below Three, the age when children are capable of knowing what's right from wrong, then they know what's going around their surroundings. heck, at my daughter's age, she loves to simply speed off in any direction once we set her on the ground, regardless of who and what is around her. what if she suddenly decides to stand up on the ride and somethingunintentional happens? i mean, seriously.

maybe i'm overreacting. i mean it's just rm3 a ride. but the value rm3 is alot to me. i just think it's unfair that you charge admission for any child below Two. we were so pissed that the stupid lady decided to change her statement that we demanded for a refund, including the heli ride. and off we went in a huff. poor Dayana. she seemed to be enjoying herself. up until those ladies decided to rip us off.

one thing about Dayana is at her age, she gets easily distracted. if we go to shopping complexes, all she wants to do is walk all by herself without anyone holding her hand. if we do try to hold her hand, she'll mengamuk and firmly set her butt on the ground. she'll dawdle at every store window, staring at this, staring at that, staring at people (especially kids her size), stopping every few seconds to stare at goodness knows what T_T. omg you must be a really patient person if you want to try to get her to follow you. and she'll protest if you pick her up and move her little butt for being too slow. lol. she doesn't even mind if you tell her bye bye, she'll totally ignore me and her Daddy and continue to dawdle among strangers. haiz. she even protests if we put her in her stroller, or if i decide to wear her @@.

sigh. the beauty of discovering that you can walk. kekekeke. tell me, how long does this phase last?

Dayana's twin =P

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Ummi to Hamzah said...

I tell u, mmg staff at sunway lagoon can be so hampeh! Penting nk untung je, i g hari tu amek yg wristwatch as tiket for the rides tuuh bila nk exit i ask 1 female staff mcmana nk get refund dia ckp xde refund, bleh just redeem a sunway lagoon merchandise item. I xcaye la sbb hub da ckp we get refund RM10, i tgk ada long Q at a counter not far from the exit br tau situ la nk dptkn refund so i q there instead.
Yg penting dayana paling enjoy la kn. SL sooo crowded la i x enjoy dah g situ.