December 11, 2009


Dee who's 37 weeks along... any moment now =D

so... this is where i was yesterday night... =D guess where this is?
p/s. attendees are disqualified from guessing lol
promise to update more later!

ok so for the first time this year the company decided to plan something fun for us. we hadn't had any fun ever since the world fell victim to the economy crisis, and price cuts were made here and there (so there goes our mobile privileges and the cakes and occasional makan-makan lol). so when it was announced that there was gonna be an annual dinner, i guess it was something to look forward to.

they decided on having the dinner at Tamarind Springs, which is my first time there. we were allowed to leave the office earlier, so me and a bunch of my friends decided to get ready at Hani's house. there wasn't a theme, but there was an award for Best Dressed, so we decided to glam up a little, haha.

i had this silver number in my closet that i've never worn (i bought it for the annual dinner the year i got married but i ended up not wearing it), but it was too dressy for a place like Tamarind. so instead of forking out alot of $$ just to dress up, i decided this year to keep it minimal and recycle everything i had in my closet. lol. so... only the tights was on loan. the ones i brought made me look like a skank. hahahahaha.

i dunno about everyone else, but the food wasn't my taste. so we had the gift exchange, the makan-makan, the lucky draw (5 years unlucky! i need to cabut to improve my luck rating kekeke), and cam-whoring =P.

after dinner me, Hema and Hani headed off to 7-E to continue our crapping. we would've stayed out longer but it was already getting late. i think we looked like a couple of street ladies waiting by the roadside looking for men to pick up. hahahhahahahhaa.

a bunch of photos to follow!

our table

the food. was literally. so so.

the gift exchange

with our gifts - a toy, a frame, and a saltshaker

with the girls

Best Dressed nominees

guess who won Best Dressed?

frank's angels lol


with Soo Mey & Hani

me with Jit-jit a.k.a. dudu

vampy Faz ooh la la!

our Sally and Frank Hesse, the frenchie =D

the winner of the 42" LCD

i like this photo! everyone looks so cun

final pose of the night

Significant Other also had a department dinner the same night as mine, at Shangri-la. and Hani was, "wth, tu baru department dinner, belum lagi company dinner!!". hahahahha.


Bonda Waldan said...

rumet ku yg cikeding...camni kalo kate budak undergrad pun sure org percaya

JumpSac Baby® Slings said...

just wanna say.. weet weet to lilly! :D

E`n1x said...

haha thanks. i take that as a compliment =P