January 5, 2010

new year, new hope

happy 2010! i spent my three-day holidays at home doing absolutely nothing. what a way to usher in the New Year, eh? with a toddler running around entangling herself around my ankles i find it a bit difficult to celebrate the New Year AND keep my toddler within eyesight. so better stay at home and be able to keep your sanity and peace of mind intact. lol.

i kind of have the feeling that twenty-ten wouldn't be a super year for me. i'm not sure why. i had this foreboding feeling of dread just as we were about to usher in the new year. a friend of mine told me that it's still too early to know if it's going to be a bad year or not. even so...

then again, i have really bad instincts, haha. alot has happened in 2009.

- i've breathed air for 27 years.
- i've entered the workforce for 5 years already :O :O :O
- it's been 1 year 4 months since i became a mom.
- our finally awaited crib is completed and we finally collected the keys - yay! (although, renovations await, meaning more $$ flying out the window)
- i've decided to get over my shoe obsession and move to a even more expensive obsession - babywearing T_T
- i now own for the very first time my own Coach bag. haha =P
- i've managed to cut up two of my credit cards, but i still have the others to maintain T_T

this year i didn't make a list of new year's resolutions, because i know i'd end up breaking all of them anyway. so i only made a general list of which i'm hoping to achieve, even if it's just a little.

- to improve on my financial situation. spend less, save more, pay back my dues (i thank all my friends who have been really patient with me all this while)
- to look forward to my career and hope it will not drain me physically, emotionally and mentally (because you know how stressful telco line can be)
- improve on my crappy cooking skills - i think i'm <40kg because i don't feed myself properly (and i'm not living with my mom lol). rather starve than splurging on food, i think that should be a big no-no for this year.
- love more, more patience, more tolerance (i need a LOT of this!)
- take up a hobby - i have yet to know what it is. dance? knit?
- and most importantly, give the best to my daughter and family.

again, wishing all of you a good 2010! and may we stop grumbling about what we don't have and be thankful for everything that we do have =)


Ummi to Hamzah said...

lilly,those are wonderful resolutions and hopes.good luck at sticking to them.i've never been good at sticking to resolutions so so far haven't made any but the general kind like be a better person to everyone,bla bla bla... :)

farrahar said...

Rather starve than splurging on food?????

Oh my, you'll never guess how much I spend on food alone every month! And yet I don't find myself getting thicker in the body not even by an inch. Penat je makan.