December 8, 2009

new moon

i've just spent rm245 for my Neo battery replacement!!! sigh. not to forget the car is already due for servicing. it's like i sold off my wrap to fund my car battery. harhar *sarcastic laugh*

so i've seen New Moon. saw it together with Significant Other during our movie marathon back-to-back with Couples Retreat on Friday. i'd like to make it clear that i absolutely do not like that Bella character. there's something about her that i just don't like. things that come to mind include whiny and annoying, haha. heck i'm not even a fan of the Twilight saga. i find it surreal that such a person can easily encounter such a beautiful entity and then proceed to live happily ever after after achieving immortality. bahh. i have a friend that sold off the books right after she finished reading them, even advised me not to even buy the book. haha.

but i do know there are many Twighlight fans out there, probably wishing they were in Bella's shoes? i don't mind if i can get the hunky guy =P~~~ a colleague of mine is gaga over Jacob. he's tdf, but he seems to have this young look aura around him. so i still prefer Edward, even though he looks like his face got too over-powdered in the film. lol. he makes the perfect romantic man. doesn't help that he's utterly gorgeous *swoon*.

i'd still watch the other two installments, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn though. should i get the books? Significant Other wants to know what happens in the next installments. i told him i haven't read the books yet. now he's asking me how much does the whole set cost. lol. i wouldn't buy the book, but if someone voluntarily bought them for me... =P~~~

here are some photos i grabbed from the net using Google...

the actors: nice to see

would you choose the werewolf...

... or the vampire?

i like love Alice Cullen's hairstyle!!!

Carlisle is not bad-looking either =P

oh yeah, Couples Retreat is good for laughs. a totally recommended watch for couples out there. who knows? you might share some similarities between the four couples portrayed in the movie =D. although the ending seems a bit too far fetched from reality.

now that most of the tv series are preparing for Christmas break, we've been downloading Dollhouse to fill up the void. too bad it got canceled after 2 seasons.


Rayhana said...

i have the book, eclipse. saja beli. ha ha.
u can borrow it if you want! ;)

Ummi to Hamzah said...

lilly,i love alice's hairstyle too especially in twilight but she looked just as cool in new moon :)

yeah,i absolutely agree with u on the Bella character..would describe it just the same.watching Bella in new moon especially gets quite sickening.Jacob i guess is a hottie especially for the younger girls but somehow i think i'd settle more being comfy with Edward eventhough as you say he did look extra ermm pale white in new moon.
carlisle on the other hand...yup he is just gorgeous (the older we are,the older men is aged at the more we seem them as appealing?

farrahar said...

Bella's character IS annoyingly whiny. If you read book 2 & 3 you'd get fed up with her too. But I really really really enjoyed book 4. But to understand book 4 you have to go thru book 2 & 3 first, bleargh..

Oh, and Edward IS supposed to be over-powdered. He's a vampire maa.. They over-powdered him in Twilight, but seems like they forgot to powder his ears, cos they were red, so very ketidakvampirean.

Apa2 pun I'm still wondering how to watch both movies cos tak sampai hati mau tinggal baby huhuhuhu....

Btw, happy 2nd annie!

NITA said...

I think i am the only person who dont understand what u guys r talking about LOL

Maneesa said...

i haven't watch Couple retreat but looks like something to do this week then for movie nite :)!

and congratulations dear for the 2 years of togetherness!

sol said...

i dont adore twilight. new moon tak tengok lagi. but my friend reviewed new moon as 'sleeping moon' haha. not sure what the fuss is all about. edward is too pale (mmg ler vampire tapi tak menjadik lgsong haha)

bella mmg poyo and annoying. i want to read the books tapi takut bertambah menyampah. camne? huhu..