December 23, 2009

tiny tapir again

me and Sarah went to Tiny Tapir again during lunch. we wanted to buy a couple more pads, and Sarah wanted to survey CDs. but in the end it's me who ended up spending (there goes my Clarks quota). lol.

Baiti was busy with another customer so we browsed through the collection of clothpads to our heart's content. ended up buying AIO Cyclez one each, a Saffa for me (i wanted a green pad to complete my color combo), and two CDs - Rumparooz and BG 3.0 AIO, the two CDs that were already on my wishlist. yay! i can officially close my CD shopping except for Thirsties Duo Wraps. wanted to get one but Size 1 seemed too small, Size 2 seemed too big. but if i didn't have a suitable cover size i wouldn't be able to use my fitteds. Dayana has already outgrown the only two diaper covers that i have. but i'm really reluctant to sell my fitteds, even though i'm slowly losing interest in them.

note the 'bluey greeny theme'

Sarah was undecided so decided to forgo CD shopping for today. she made one last appointment with me to go to Tiny Tapir again next year before i threw letter.

so now i am still waiting for Randum and Pleats to arrive. bila la ye? oh and two other things... =D. i need to put an order with Liz for a Snugg Clutch... December has always been a slow business month... post is slow... people respond slow... people go AWOL...

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