December 14, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet cutest baby smiling contest

i've always seem to have the tendency to miss deadlines when it comes to online contests. so this time i was determined not to miss this one. before i know it, my kid will be too old (young? old sounds... well... OLD) to be entering this sort of contests, lol. so this will be my first time entering, yay!

this December's contest is: Cutest Baby Smiling! =D by:

without further ado, here's my walking, talking, smiling baby =D

My Cheeky Little Rascal

Name: Dayana Nur Sabrina M. A.
Date of Birth: August 31, 2008

it was quite difficult to choose only one photo. this one made the cut, taken recently this month.

so. why do i love to see her smiling?

my Dayana will always have plenty of smiles to go by. i can remember the first time she ever smiled at me. she was always frowning during the first few months of her life, and my mom would always massage her little forehead so she wouldn't get wrinkles sooner than expected, lol. so imagine my delight when her lips first blossomed into a smile at me *swoon*. a child's smile will make any parent's heart melt, don't you think so? (ok so ever since i got my baby i seem to have a developed a more sensitive side, haha). and you just can't help smiling back - smiles are contagious. smiling is actually good for you. it's good for your health! so i guess you could say my little one is one happy healthy smiling baby!

it's great therapy to see her smile after a exhausting day at work. you work the whole day, slaving over assignments and deadlines, staring at the computer screen most of the time, so what better way to de-stress than to see your own child smiling? she's like my motivation to get through the day, one of the reasons why i haven't given up living on planet earth, lol. life is hard as it is. a smile to brighten up your life couldn't hurt, could it? =).

but most of all, seeing her smile makes everything worthwhile for her Mommy and Daddy.

now... if only we can make her a sister or brother to bully. haha.

to wrap things up, i'd like acknowledge the sponsors of this contest: PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders! arigato gozaimasu!

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