June 27, 2014

alison addicks

another beauty dropped by for a visit for a couple of weeks. this is absolutely gorgeous. and the colors are so ME. i'm so in love. i dibs this a thousand times over! this is my friend's custom, and i'm so glad she allowed me to try an AA. they're such lovelies to wrap with.

look at how floofy it is!

named Sunset Rainbow, the owner tells me the warp is variegated, fuschia weft (lol i find that she has a thing for fuschia haha). not really sure what type of twill this is. it's not thick, but it's really floofy. this wrap has two other sisters (in case one would like to keep track of history).

wrap length is 4.6m, a bit long for a tiny person like me. here's some photo spam =D.

flat photo
middle marker
the tails
the weave

i didn't take any action photos with this wrap unfortunately =(. since the length was so long i didn't really wear it outside of the house for fear of the tails sweeping the floor. the youngest just got her feet recently (and loves her newly found freedom) so she really prefers walking on her own these days, sigh. she won't say no to an uppy, but she seems more happier on the ground =D.

my kid felt weightless as i backcarried her with this wrap. wish i had more opportunities to try this wrap more though. i'm always deterred by long wraps, so i tend to use them (and try them) less.

thanks for the opportunity! i'm smitten with alison addicks now, lolz.

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