June 11, 2014

shopping raya

so... everyone dah shopping raya? i know everyone's busy covering puasa at this time =D. i haven't done a shopping post in aeons!

most of the designers have gone smart and offer pre-orders and RTW for people to choose from. i'd usually steer away from RTW because i can't even fit into XS size. not point buying only to have to alter it later. but you can drool over the designs, yes?

nurita harith's luxe collections are pretty. abit steep on price (but there are other designers more steeper than this T__T), but otherwise simply gorgeous. the following three are my favorite:

nurita harith

jubah is an in thing now these days too it seems. they're swishy, they're versatile, and lately they're breastfeeding friendly too. sleeves have zippers for easy ablution access. bella ammara was just released recently in fashionvalet, the tiara jubah seemed to have sold out in a flash. sigh. comes in many colors! doesn't help that felixia yeap is the one modelling them (ish, she's so gorgeous). these three colors look lovely:

bella ammara

sometimes if you notice on fb there's these 'suggested posts' on your timeline, which are annoying because they're actually trying to tempt you into buying stuff you really don't need at that point of time. well anyway, i saw the image below and clicked on the mouse like i was possessed. haha.

frankly, i've never even heard of the webpage, let alone the brand. but the dw by Daphne Iking collection kinda caught my eye, mainly because the sleeves are made from lace *love*. comes in 4 colors. can i have them all? *swoon* #crazyladyinthemaking

dw by Daphne Iking

this is another bandwagon i lambat join, but i kinda got the Onulaa bug recently. crazy, especially for someone not donning the hijab yet - but i always say keep one or two for a rainy day =P. i knew the brand from long ago, my cousin Noreen bought the kids flower headbands made by Onulaa.

flowery headband! this is Dinara, aeons ago

they were giving a small discount last week so i grabbed Mashi along for the ride. i actually wanted to get a couple of hijabs for the girls, which i did. ta-da!

tak senonoh nampak lengan, bahahahah

have you checked out their glittering shawls? there were so many colors. SO MANY!!! if i wore hijab fulltime, i'd grab 10. or maybe 15. bahahahahah. their two-tone shawls are gorgeous! shehnaz is so pretty *love*. here's some of the colors that i like.

and a few photos of us tengah meroyan:

wicked witch of the west, satin series

glittering shawl in maroon

maysaa shawl, also by Onulaa


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