June 3, 2014

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Improve our society's gene pool and save the world.

Have you ever met an idiot? Odds are you have.
In our society, more and more people have to cope with being born with inferior genes. These people, being idiots breed with other idiots, and the problem gets worse. Our society, not having enough intelligent people to provide competent labor, is declining at an astonishing rate. Millions of idiots are flooding the gene-pool with inferior genes. Soon we will experience another severe depression like that of the thirties which will cripple the world.
I am offering a solution. Not everyone is an idiot, but pilots are naturally born with every advantage from being abnormally intelligent to being exceptionally good looking. These pilots, or super people, if you will, have genes that when mixed with other attractive "normal" people or other good looking pilots genes make model offspring that, if produced in large numbers, can completely fix our gene pool. The new society of superior people will be able to solve world hunger, make world peace, fix global warming, and will enter a new age of prosperity.
If you are an attractive person, it is your duty to your country and the world to sleep with a pilot today. Your children will thank you for it.
For anyone who is a pilot, good looking person or an idiot who supports this cause, join today.

1. Save the world!

dance a jiggy if you agree. hahahahah.

also, for the women: for a good laugh, read this article!

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