June 13, 2014

2014 wishlist

haha... i love wishlists... especially when they turn out to be just that.
(jimat wang dan tenaga)
so here we go.

fetish #1:
omg omg omg omg omg.

you know what this is? it's not the Neo. it's the Cuir.
trust me to upgrade wishlist after seeing it in the flesh.
hahahah. die.

fetish #2:
me no likey ipad. me want something i can easily bring around.
then they started advertising that in the movies
(you know, before the actual movie starts).
i mainly wanna blog anyway.
will this do?

ugh. cantik pulak this pink =P

fetish #3:
should've listen to gut instinct last time.
another spensy one in my list.
anyone wants to buy my eos M?

fetish #4:
i want emma stone! haha.
not her lah. those lippies by revlon. mcm menarik.
i tried lina's one. she has the kissable balm stain.
(she has three).

(and then i find out a couple of my other friends oso have this)
(i am soOOOOo living in a gua)

they come in matte, stain and lacquer.

the youngest is down with a cold. poor thing cannot sleep.
so i oso kenot sleep.

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