July 4, 2014

more raya goodness

how has fasting been treating uolls?

are you in raya shopping mode yet? fashionvalet has been churning out new designer works week by week, i've lost count already. i think if you started out planning to get only 1 or 2 outfits for raya this year, you'd actually end up getting 3, or 4 or even 5 if you're not careful. HAHA!

so here is me, stalking 'stuff' on instagram. have you seen nora danish's raya collaboration with fashionvalet? monochrome seems to be the in thing for her. i was skeptical when fv labelled her collection as affordable (you should see the prices listed for some of the other collections, i cry just looking at them!) but once they were released, at rm199 they are affordable. let's hope they don't disappoint. there's 8 designs to choose from. i like the second from left outfit in the top row.

nora danish for fv

apparently this Kate Dress is also something to drool about, a collaboration between Ashh&Annas and designer Mazlianul Maznan. it's the first time i've heard of them. this dress has pretty detailing on its sleeves, and the bodice sports a chiffon cape that may or may not tickle your fancy. however this outfit is not breastfeeding friendly. did i mention that they come available in XS size? i'm sooo in for designers that take time to create sizes for tiny-challenged people like me. i still remember those Jovian crazed days, when i bought an outfit XS size but it still came off as too big for me, so i sold it off to another crazed fan, bahahaha. is this outfit inspired from Kate Middleton?

anyway, the Kate Dress is available in 6 colors, all of which i hear are already sold out. BOO. i hope they restock, i think many fans were not able to get their hands on a pair, including yours truly.

the kate dress

btw, this nurita harith outfit is rubbing off on me, but i don't think i can pull off such an outfit. i think i love the pastel colors mainly (i'm a huge pastel fan).

nurita harith on fv

oh speaking of raya outfits, i just had to post this photo from ladorn_kl:

look familiar?

Aurora top Kaftan in Pink Orange
Let It Go Skirt 2.0 in Fuschia
both from L'adorn

i initially dropped by to browse through Kree else but ended up deviating from my original objective T__T.  the younger sister didn't want to oblige for a photo; for some reason she was in a cranky mode and refused to don the skirt, despite me threatening her in various ways. oh well.

Ladorn and Kree were having a pre-raya sale the day i dropped by and i think they'll be appearing at this weekend's Karnival Teratak Glam Raya at the Shah Alam stadium. lotsa celebrities will be there as well (Lisa Surihani is, i follow her instagram hahahaha). i reckon the crowd will be crazy, so for my safety i'm gonna stay away.

(p/s. Kiss & Tell should really design shoes that are abit lower in height, i love the print, but their heel height can be back-breaking T_T).

there's so many sellers on instagram these days, selling every single possible thing you could think of. i came across this seller on ig. these blouses were selling really cheap so i got a couple. it didn't disappoint; loved the feel of the blouse material! sometimes online shopping blows because you don't get to try before you buy, so when decide to purchase something and it arrives at your doorstep, it's really upsetting to find that it's a tad too small or wayyyyyyy too big, phooey. or you find that the material sucks for the price that you've paid, as another example.

if you know nuts about fashion, or aren't a fashionista yourself, i recommend purchasing stuff based on reviews. but don't get swept up in the hype, just because someone purchases a truckload doesn't mean you have to as well, set your own pace and be happy =D.

'mng' off shoulder top, very happy colors

to end my shopping post of the day, here's a photo of my very happy minion. recently she perfected the skill of raising her hand. she raises her hand whenever i ask, 'siapa nama Sophia, raise your hand!'. gosh, she looks like a boy in this photo. ish.

the other two raising their hands

in bibik's point of view, each time the maid buat tangan penumbuk kasi tunjuk Pia, she'd raise her hand also, minus the clenched fist, hahahhahahahha.

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