June 2, 2014

shearwater weaving

being an unlucky one, i've never won wrap draws. but my friend did. and she was very nice to have let me try her wrap for the week. i'm a big fan of blue! Shearwater Weaving is created by Julie Kubik, who resides in Alberta Canada.

Length: 4.1m
Weight: 270 gr/m²
Fiber content: 100% cotton warp - Royal blue cottolin(60% cotton/40% linen) weft.
Middle markers: Medium blue stitched tactile middle markers on both rails.
Unhemmed rails with blunt tails.

Price: $395 CAD

shearwater weaving
the label
meet Magpie, 20% linen
flat shot of the colors
the middle marker

went home and immediately enlisted my youngest for a quick uppy. glad that she doesn't mind uppies =D.

and i gave Magipie a last spin during an outing to the bookstore yesterday. this time i tried back carrying her. i didn't even need much effort when layering the passes (i usually struggle with this haha). sorry for the lousy photos. the other three were busy figuring out what books to buy. hahahaha.

thanks for the visit! at least i managed to satisfy my shearwater curiosity =D

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