March 31, 2014

race day 2014

hammy wins this year!
hot weather, not a cloud in sight. come to think of it, the jam wasn't so bad either.
even the noise wasn't so ear-splitting. boo.
bil told us to be at the house at 10am.... guess what time we left for the circuit? hahah

there were no accidents though. bummer for the spectators =P~~~

someone came a visiting this week. the kids (Dayana, mostly) were ecstatic to have someone to layan their kid-talk; the parents couldn't be bothered hahahah.
usually it would be Uncle Syafiq this, Uncle Syafiq that.
now they got a new Uncle to bully *thumbs up*

well anyway, here are photos taken on race day.

race day!
our designated driver and trusty navigator(s)
the new joiner
the backseat passenger

please remind me to look myself in the mirror before heading out the door. i look like a freakin' walking paddle pop with all the colors on me T___T. green bag, red bag, pink shoes, purple top, blue bottom? ermmm what was i thinking???
egad i do not like that sunnies on me.

f1 2014
favorite race driver
track race
hefty lunch
guests of PETT
testing out his super heavy lens
the only car i managed to capture on my camera phone
hammy wins!
his future car
the minions that came along with us - izam n arif =D
these three belong in the air really.
the three brothers
i have my very own tour group every year

speaking of minions, now this one is the REAL minion.... =D

my very own minion, with hair to boot =D

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