March 17, 2014

happy birthday Uncle Amal

it was Uncle Amal's birthday last Thursday. so the bunch of us went to Empire to celebrate. oh sushi how i've missed you so=D

i guess that this is the new version of birthday cake - you get to sample different flavors, plus you get to satisfy other avid candle-blowers whose birthday do not fall on this particular day, LOL.

check out the one in turquoise going all out on one of the slices - which happened to be Uncle Amal's favorite flavor, oops (Irina, pavlova serai sedap lagi lah! =P~~~~~).

after dinner the kids wanted to have a go at the carousel, but they didn't want it to go round. we should call it 'merry-stand-still' instead of 'merry-go-round' T___T.
check out the birthday boy, btw.
i don't really know, but i think his definition of 'birthday' means current age minus 25.

and last but not least, here's Uncle Amal doing Dinara's 'trademark' peace sign while she forces her face into a smile for the camera. HAHA.

updated 28/3: and here's what Uncle Amal got for his birthday gift:

ok so the box was a lie. he got his very own go-pro.
(i remember last time we did the same thing for Norehan's birthday present last year, she kicked the box like it was nothing, when there was actually a Tiffany inside T__T)

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