March 7, 2014

go natural w Lush

my first Lush purchase was at Lakeside, West Thurrock. i was tempted to try it for the sake of their 'natural ingredients'.

most of you ladies would be more of an expert at me in Lush products anyway so i'm not gonna give you a lecture about them. i'm just gonna share with you my first lush purchase. after letting the salesperson know that i was a Lush-noob, she gave me a very informational product booklet which i still keep for 'no apparent reason' =P.

i was into shampoo bars at the time (and still am). so after browsing through every shelf in the store (and confusing myself in the process), i went home with a Godiva Shampoo bar, together with a small square tin to keep it in.

A jasmine-scented cleansing and conditioning solid bar that’s a real nudie - we've taken away the packaging and the preservatives to leave nothing but goodness.
There’s no need to be modest about having great hair once you've used this - you’ll want to parade around town. Godiva cleans and conditions with a host of nut oils and butters, and then leaves a heady, lingering scent of jasmine on your newly-glossy tresses.

How to use: Wet both hair and the shampoo bar. Glide the shampoo bar down the length of your hair about three times (right, left and back). Work into a lather and rinse thoroughly. Follow with LUSH conditioner if needed. Keep your solid shampoo in a cool, dry place between uses; we recommend using a LUSH shampoo bar tin.

back in the 'ol days my mom used to have Jasmines planted in the garden, and she'd scatter the flowers all over the house so the house would smell nice (or more like to counter the smell of CATS lingering in the air hahahhahahah). i think i vaguely remember the salesperson telling me that one bar could last up to 80 washes. i bought the bar in September last year, i'm still using it til now. how many months is that? haha.

the second product that i'm intrigued about is the American Cream hair conditioner.

A milkshake-thick conditioner with a strawberries and cream fragrance to leave your hair soft and shiny.
This is packed with fresh fruit and juices, honey, and herbs that won't leave your hair feeling heavy; just manageable and healthy.

How to use: After shampooing, squeeze a small amount into your palm. Smooth through your hair, concentrating on the ends. Rinse out and voila, you’re done!

i'm curious to know whether my hair will end up smelling like strawberries after use. just look at that freakin' photo!!! =D =D =D *mouth salivating*

smells more of vanilla than strawberries

i know most of my peeps go gaga over Lush's facial products but i'm not one for experimenting without a review (or racun, if you could call it that). a friend has been trying to tabur racun for the Gorgeous moisturizer. i'll hold out for now, i'm more interested in their bath bombs =D.

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