March 6, 2014

fun at the oscars

in my opinion, the success of the Oscars usually depends on how witty the host can be. this year they chose Ellen, a character that everyone cannot help to like =D.

the movies that usually end up being nominated at the Oscars are usually the ones that i end up falling asleep somewhere in the middle of the movie, no kidding (for example: i slept through Captain Phillips, oops). oh except Gravity which i watched until the end, only because Significant Other finds it a cool movie, whereas i found it amusing that in the movie there were only three characters in total (or two? because the other astronaut doesn't count =P~) haha.

how does someone mistake I-dina Men-zel as 'Adela Dazeem', anyway? i am genuinely confused.

on the other hand, Frozen won Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Song =D my kids know the song by heart. which kid doesn't?

now this Ellen, she thinks up the craziest (and the most amusing) ideas. cramming as many celebrities into one photo and posting it on twitter - who would've thought that it would crash twitter from the overload of retweets? LOL. it even surpassed US President Barack Obama's "Four More Years" re-election victory shot tweet.

my boss at the office wants to take a photo of our team just like that one day, haha.

to make things even more interesting, she ordered pizza and have the delivery boy hand out slices to the audience. guess how much of a tip did he receive? a whopping $1000.

that's it. i'm resigning to become a pizza delivery girl. bahahahhaha.

Despicable Me 2 didn't win anything though. but the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams instantly became viral. suddenly everybody's 'happy'.

but it would've been fun if the following tweet was real. HAHA.

* images all taken from google, your happy source of information

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