March 12, 2014

all grown up?

not so soon, i hope!

my three girls

Sophia is 10 months old tomorrow! she's been standing up a lot now in her 'enclosed area', she's been toppling over countless of times, she loves hanging out in front of my tv just because she can 'hang' there, she's been watching too many reruns of Sesame Street (and loving it too), her two lower teeth are fully out and there's no sign of new ones, she still sleeps more soundly on her tummy, she knows how to whine whenever we annoy her, she has this habit of poking at things with her finger and end up tearing into the fabric (she tore a hole in her pillowcase as well as her playpen floor mat homaigod), and a whole lot more i can't recall at the back of mind. Pia oh Pia T__T.

Dinara just had her passport done recently at the Immigration Department in SA. they take your photo ON THE SPOT - they have all these cameras mounted at each counter, so all you hafta do is smile and hope you look cute. cool eh? bahahahahhaha. i think they do this because the photos people bring to the counter don't fulfill the criteria (cannot see ears, bahu senget lah, baju not dark enough of a color, things like that perhaps). it sure was a hassle to take a photo, Dinara simply didn't trust the officer there to smile properly for the camera T__T. i dunno if this new method applies to other places, you might wanna check first before going.

one thing the elder two kids love to do in the morning when i drive them to school is they never fail to fight over who gets to sit in front, grrrr. take turns pun tak makan saman. i'm just gonna dump them in the back at this rate.

here's a story i just have to share about Dayana =P. i was browsing through one of her school exercise books yesterday, she had Bahasa Malaysia homework (suku kata) that she tried to complete on her own. so while there were some minor silly mistakes such as 'tigi' instead of 'tiga', or 'kurusi' instead of 'kerusi', or 'baja' instead of 'baju' (grrr) the following mistake had to take the cake:


bahahahhahaha, i couldn't help laughing, i'm sorry X___X
i give her brownie points for creativity *high five*

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