March 19, 2014

a little bit of awesome

so... kut2 lah dapat ubah suai the current house or add onto it one day in the future, insyallah...

here are three simple ideas that in my opinion would help make my house a little more awesome. HAHA.
article from here.

1. Add a simple window seat to the landing of your staircase. 
staircase landings are almost always left bare. sometimes whenever i get the chance to visit other people's homes, i find that they would decorate the landing, but it would end up looking slightly cluttered.
i really wish i had a window seat in my bedroom.

2. Install dutch doors so you can watch your kids/pets without baby gates.
super idea! at least you know what you're children are up to behind those doors. my kids love to shut themselves in their room, and most of the time they're up to no good, bahahahahah. it beats having to install safety gates which almost always end up toppling over due to the kids crashing into them, or on the rare occasion that an adult in the household thinks that they're able to jump hurdles.
(bro in law tried that once, the whole gate came crashing down T___T).

3. Simple outdoor showers are perfect for beach houses and families who love going outdoors. 
another simple idea for the house. not that we have a jungle behind the house =D we have a pool but no proper shower outside (everyone would always end up trailing puddles of water throughout the house T_T).

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