April 1, 2012

the no word

just wanted to update here, that Dinara has a current favorite new word:


sigh. of all the words in the world, she has to choose this as a current favorite? even the word 'Mommy' pun tak lepas lagi ('mama! mama!' grrr).

if she nak cari gaduh with Dayana she'll go, 'NNNNNNNNNO!' (and then kakak dia pun will go nonononono just to infuriate her younger sister, tsk). this morning, Dinara came into my room, and the first thing she announced in a loud voice was 'NO!'.

nnnnnno! to everything. nnnnnno! to her sister. nnnnnno! to me.

@_@ apekah yang NO nye pun i tatau. i think she just enjoys saying it. it's like an accomplishment for her, like, oh so now i can finally disagree with my Kakak! LOL

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