April 23, 2012


that's it folks. it's me back to being maidless.

it's like a win-lose situation. on the winning side, i'm partly relieved that i don't have to be responsible for another person, mostly being her welfare, don't have to feel guilty for bossing people around, bla bla bla (in other words simply being an employer =P). no need to go through all the hassle that comes with having a maid. but on the losing side, i lose a dedicated person to take care of my kids. and somehow, it feels kinda lonely (or empty) because it's like you suddenly lose someone that 'seems' to care for your well being (and also to manage the unruly physical household haha).

i also need to put the kids to sleep. huarghhhhh. not an easy task i tell you. the give-up method would be to let them drop to sleep after they've exhausted their battery power. and that can take awhile @_@.

i'll live, i guess. i always do, somehow. DEPRESSED!

anyway, just wanted to share something i heard Dayana say the other day... we were downstairs and i was turning on the DVD player for the kids to watch - mil bought a bunch of alif ba ta CDs for the kids to watch (i guess she thinks Dora and Sesame Street have been overplayed a little too much).

then Dayana told me, 'Bibik tak pandai mati-in' (means the maid doesn't know how to turn the DVD player off).

hahahah. so a abit of Indonesian did rub off on her.

Dinara still calls me 'Ma Ma'. if she wants something she'll go 'Ma Ma?' in a questioning sort of way? then datang tepuk2 badan orang when i ignore her. LOL.

these two sisters, they can be best friends today, enemies tomorrow. one time while i was walking across the parking lot with the kids, i reached out for Dayana's hand. not wanting to be left out, Dinara reached out her hand too... for Dayana's.


(on other days toksah cerita. they are very good at making messes, ignoring me when i ask them to clean up, and love to fight over something the other has just because the other one has it - kalau bende tu duduk atas lantai tak terusik, i can bet you they wouldn't even bother, chis).

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